Customer Policies

Customer Policies


Please review the following carefully in addition to Primped’s Terms of Use.

For questions and general information on Primped and services offered on our platform, please visit our FAQ page.


Cancellations made by you outside of 4 hours of a booked appointment will not incur a penalty.  Cancellations made by you within 4 hours of a booked appointment will be penalized at the full price of the service. Please always try to cancel appointments as far in advance as possible! You can cancel any upcoming booked appointments by logging into your Primped account and clicking into an appointment under the Appointments tab.

If you are cancelled on by a pro outside of 4 hours, no compensation will be provided.  If you are cancelled on by a pro within 4 hours, you may be compensated up to the full price of the service.

Group Bookings Cancellation Policy

For any group bookings that includes 4 or more people receiving a service, a fee will be charged by Primped if the appointment is cancelled. If the group booking is cancelled within 12 hours of the appointment being confirmed, the cancellation fee will be 25% of the total booking cost. If the group booking is cancelled more than 12 hours after the appointment has been confirmed, the cancellation fee will be 50% of the total booking cost.


We try to be understanding when it comes to running late we know you’re busy! Should you be late by more than 20 minutes for an appointment, your pro may elect to either move forward with or cancel the appointment, which you will be fully billed for. 

Likewise, please excuse your pro for being up to 20 minutes late.  Where a pro is late by more than 20 minutes, you may elect to either move forward with or cancel the appointment.  You’ll be compensated up to the full price of the service in either case, though to a lesser degree if you choose not to cancel.  You must file a formal complaint as per the complaint process below to be eligible for compensation due to lateness, as Primped is not aware of lateness unless it is reported.

All Primped’s pros are contract and freelance, and while Primped aims to onboard time-contentious pros, schedule/routing management and proficiency may vary from pro to pro.  Primped will consider customers’ tendency to continue to book with pros that are frequently late in reviewing eligibility for compensation due to lateness.


For complaints surrounding lateness, professionalism, or service quality, our policy is that you must submit formal details on the issue through your Primped account under the Issues & Reporting tab or by emailing within 48 hours after the scheduled appointment.  Where your issue has to do with something visual such as quality or outcome of the service, a photograph must be provided with your complaint in order to be reviewed by the Primped team via email to

We also accept complaints where specific services do not last as long as they should.  For nails, you may complain if a gel service chips within 7 days of an appointment while for regular polish you may complain within 4 days.  For lash services, you may complain of pre-mature shedding or other issues related to durability within 7 days of an appointment.  As per above, complaints must be formally sent to with a photograph.


You are responsible for reporting all health issues including but not limited to allergies, sensitivities, ailments and conditions, and relevant prescription medication to Primped.  This is done on the registration form when creating an account on Primped and can be updated under the Profile section of your Primped account within Current Medical Concerns. Leaving this section blank or unanswered indicates your admission that you have no health concerns.

You are also responsible for telling every pro in advance of an appointment whether you have any health issues as outlined above. You should answer any questions pertaining to your health asked by your pro completely and honestly.  Primped and its pros always keep this information strictly confidential and aim to be as discrete as possible in discussing relevant concerns.

Primped does not provide medical advice nor does it condone the provision of medical advice by pros or affiliates to you in the event of allergic reaction or other bodily harm.  It is always recommended that you seek immediate and professional medical attention for any health-related issues.

Primped never compensates customers for early removal of beauty services due to allergic reaction whether undisclosed or newly discovered during a booked appointment.


Where you book on behalf of others, you are acknowledging that each member of your group agrees to and understands all Primped terms and policies.  

If group members are under the age of 18 years old, you acknowledge and agree that you have authority to act as their legal guardian.


You are always able to use your own products and/or tools at an appointment for health reasons and/or due to general preference. Where you are requesting use of your own products and/or tools for a health reason, you must disclose this by emailing so that we can inform your pro. Regardless of the request reasons, we ask customers to understand that where pros are unfamiliar with and/or untrained in using your products and/or tools, the quality of the service may be compromised. Due to COVID-19, you can either use your own products/tools or your professionals, not a blend of both.


It is always recommended that you submit inspiration photos or other information to ensure your preferred look is achieved at a booked appointment.  Where you don’t provide context where explicitly asked during booking, pros will do their best to be prepared for and offer a variety of options at the appointment.

Non-appointment specific preferences, such as hair type and hair colour, can be updated on Your Beauty Profile tab within your Primped account.


You may submit changes (e.g. new location, add a service, etc.) to a booked appointment. Any changes to a booked appointment must be submitted by you in advance or during the time of your appointment. You can submit a change request by logging into your Primped Account and clicking into the existing appointment details. If you are having any issues submitting a change request, please contact . All changes must be accepted by the assigned Primped Provider. Major changes, including but not limited to, a change in time or location within 4 hours of the start time of a Confirmed Appointment may result in a Cancelled Appointment and thus Primped’s Cancellation Policy would apply. Primped Provider also reserves the right to make changes to your Confirmed Appointment during the appointment where needed. Primped will notify you of any applied changes and whether your requested changes have been accepted or rejected by your assigned Primped Provider.


Customers must wear a mask from start to end of an appointment except while receiving a service on an area of the face that would otherwise be covered by a mask. Customers must wash their hands in front of professionals prior to the start of an appointment. Finally, customers are required to wipe down the surface they would like to use for their appointment with proper cleaning supplies. Professionals have been instructed to ask whether surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned and may offer to double sanitize pending approval from the customer. Should the customer fail to follow any of the above policies, the professional may refuse to move forward with the appointment and is permitted to leave with the customer being fully compensated for the appointment. Group bookings should be limited to those living in the same household or within the 10-person social circle as recommended by the Ontario government. With respect to cancellations, our Cancellation Policy will remain largely the same except for the fact that cancellations made within 4 hours due to COVID-19 concerns will only be billed $20pp for the professionals’ time and travel expenses as opposed to the full amount for the service that is usually charged. Lastly, customers must review COVID-19 screening questionnaire sent via email upon booking an appointment and cancel any appointments should they experience any of the listed symptons or answer "Yes" to any of the outlined questions on the questionnaire.