why you need a scalp detox and how to do it at home

why you need a scalp detox and how to do it at home

When it comes to pampering ourselves many ideas come to mind, the least likely of which involves scalp care.  We, personally, are guilty of abusing our scalp in many ways from spraying too much dry shampoo to overloading it with product and utilizing too much clarifying shampoo. The health of the scalp, however, is an incredibly important component of overall hair health! While washing your hair does help, the scalp requires a deep cleanse every once in a while. Detoxing your scalp often will encourage healthy hair growth and natural oils, exfoliate dead skin cells and remove any yucky build up. If you still need convincing, consider that you’d never skip exfoliating your face so why neglect your scalp?



what is a scalp detox? 

It’s so much more than just shampooing your hair! Essentially, a scalp detox is a method of massaging the scalp by brushing or using an exfoliating treatment. This aids in getting rid of dead skin cells, unclogs pores and clears product buildup around the hair follicles. Think of it in skincare terms: We wash our face every day, but only use masks or do facials every so often. The same can be applied to your head with respect to shampooing and scalp detoxing respectively. Detoxing is also a great way to relieve itching, dandruff or other forms of irritation.



how to tell if your scalp needs a detox:

A scalp detox is necessary when you have a lot of build-up from hair products. If you’ve been using dry shampoo often or use mousse or any other products you apply directly to your scalp regularly, it’s time to detox. If you are experiencing flakiness or itching, you should also consider detoxing. Even if you don’t use much product or experience any scalp irritation, you should be detoxing, albeit to a lesser degree, as oils and natural debris can build up over time! It’s a good rule of thumb to detox your scalp every month to keep it unclogged and healthy.



how to detox your scalp:


The easiest and most effective way to detox and remove debris from your scalp is to brush your hair! Brushing your hair before bed, a shower, a workout out and when you wake up is a great start to removing dead skin and beginning the exfoliation process.

goop G.tox himalayan salt scrub shampoo in jarOff-the-shelf scalp scrub

If you already brush your hair regularly, then a scalp scrub is the perfect next step. You can use a product like Goop’s Salt Scrub (Detox Market, $58) and gently massage it into your scalp. This will help to exfoliate without knotting your hair. Another great option is the Briogeo Scalp Revival Scrub (Sephora, $54), which smells absolutely amazing and has great soothing properties!

DIY detox's

If you prefer something more budget-friendly, you can DIY a scalp detox at home! All you need for an effective detox is baking soda or apple cider vinegar.

The baking soda method is great because it’s a natural clarifying agent, which works to gently remove build-up, and it's super cheap! The simplest way to create a baking soda scalp detox is to mix it into your regular shampoo. With a squirt of shampoo in a bowl, simply add a teaspoon of baking soda, and massage it into your scalp once you’re in the shower. This option is great for all hair types.


The second option is to use apple cider vinegar, which is best for those with oily scalps as it may be too harsh for drier skin types. Using apple cider vinegar is a great way to clear our stubborn product and restore your scalp's PH while also preventing bacteria growth given its antibacterial properties. All you need to do is mix five parts water to one part vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. Spray your scalp so it’s evenly coated and massage with your fingertips. Let it sit for five minutes then follow up by rinsing it out and condition your hair. 



Healthy hair begins at the scalp, and healthy hair always looks good! Plus, there are plenty of long-term benefits from scalp detoxing. You’ll likely be able to go longer between washing, your hair won’t look greasy as quickly. Your other hair products in your routine will benefit as well! You may notice your hair oil is making your hair extra shiny because it’s not working to combat product buildup, and your bottle of dry shampoo will most definitely last longer thanks to detoxing. Whatever option you choose, your scalp and hair will thank you!




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