top 3 worst and best things you can do to your nails

top 3 worst and best things you can do to your nails

Having cute nails is essential (at least to us), we spend time picking the perfect shade and maintaining them to keep our manicured nails looking beautiful. But did you know some habits may be sabotaging the look and health of your nails? In this blog, we’re covering the top three worst things you can do to your nails so you can stop them immediately. We’ll also be sharing the top three best things you can start doing to your nails to ensure they are always 100% healthy!


White french tip manicure done by nail technician Nikki K

Black and red heart shaped tip french manicure done by nail technician Lauren YClear coat manicure done by nail technician Renee OBlue nail art manicure done by nail technician Rolla

(Nails by Nikki K.)                (Nails by Lauren Y.)             (Nails by Renee O.)             (Nails by Rolla T.)


Top 3 worst things:

1. Picking off shellac

We’ve been guilty of this in the past… When manicures start chipping, it’s tempting to start peeling off the polish. But this is one of the absolute worst things you can do to your nails. When you peel off polish, especially shellac, you also peel away the top layer of your nail. This weakens nails, making them more prone to breakage and chips. If your manicure does start chipping, reach for the nail polish remover (Acetone works best) or schedule another nail appointment asap so a professional can safely take the shellac off without ruining your nails.



2. Biting your nails


This is a big no. Biting your nails is not good for your nails or teeth and this habit definitely does not leave your nails looking cute. Biting your nails leaves your nail edges uneven and sometimes broken which causes nails to grow back weak. There is likely also dirt under your nails, so when you bite your nails your ingesting bacteria - have we convinced you to stop now? If this is a bad habit of yours, try to make a consistent effort to not do this anymore, your nails will thank you!



3. Cutting your cuticles


Nobody wants crusty cuticles messing up their beautiful manicure. However, picking at them or cutting your cuticles is not the answer. If you’re not a professional, put down the cuticle clippers unless you want your nails to look like a Ruffle’s chip (no thanks). If you care for your nails at home, stick to only cutting your nails. Trimming your cuticles is risky because it’s a very delicate area, this should only be done by a professional.



Top 3 best things:

1. Apply a cuticle oil


The Revlon Essential Cuticle OilInstead of clipping your cuticles, reach for a cuticle oil. The oil will soften your cuticles making them nice and pliable so you can push them back. Cuticle oil is also a great way to keep your nails moisturized and stimulates nail growth! Since hand washing and sanitization has become 10x more necessary in the past few months, we’ve found cuticle oil to be a lifesaver for our nails. We’ve been loving The Revlon Essential Cuticle Oil (Drug stores, $8.49), it keeps our cuticles and nails moisturized and has also helped our normally weak, short nails grow stronger!



2. Eat a nail friendly diet


Jamieson's Biotin Capsules bottleThe best thing you can do to your nails is to consume a healthy, balanced diet while drinking tons of water. A diet rich in nutrients is not only great for your overall health but also plays a role in the health of your nails. A diet that consists of lots of fruits and veggies, leafy greens, oily fish, nuts, avocado, and whole grains is great for growing nails longer and stronger. If you have some dietary restrictions, think about adding in a supplement such as Biotin or Vitamin B9. Both vitamins have been shown to improve the strength of nails and prevent peeling. Check out Jamieson's Biotin Capsules if this is something that interests you! (Supplement stores, $20)



3. Give your nails a break


Nude nail polish manicure done by nail technician Batsheva GWe love always having our nails done but are your nails prone to breakage or super sensitive? We recommend either using a regular polish or going the natural shellac polish route once in a while between other shellac/gel polish applications. This will give your nails a chance to breathe and regain strength that consistent shellac may have stripped away. Natural nail polishes can also include beneficial vitamins within it that help restore the nail for those with very sensitive nail beds. Our pro Batsheva G. did the cute natural style nails to the right!




If you’re looking to keep your nails beautiful whether that be with nail design or a natural look, head to our nail page to book with one of our professionals. All of them are mobile nail technicians who will travel to you so you can enjoy your manicure at home, saving you the trouble and hassle of having to book and travel to a salon.




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