the best hair products to care for your hair

the best hair products to care for your hair

Ever walk into a drugstore and get sucked into the hair aisle looking for something that might magically fix a hair concern? We’ve been there. As appealing as some hair care products label themselves to be, most of them won’t be able to fix hair overnight. Unfortunately, to see real change in your hair, you have to make changes to your routine. You may not even realize that some things you’re doing to your hair can be causing more damage than good! We’re here to set the record straight with the best hair products to care for your hair.


1: Detangler brush



Tangle Teezer Brush in light pinkThis brush is perfect for after the shower. We have hair that gets super tangled whenever wet, so this brush is a lifesaver. It has soft, flexible bristles that work gently to get knots out of your hair. Unlike a paddle brush that has firm bristles that can rip out and damage your delicate wet strands. How you brush your hair is the key to healthy hair. If your hair tends to get tangled like ours, bring this brush into the shower and brush through with your conditioner. Don’t brush your hair when it’s dripping wet, it’s more difficult to brush out tangles at this time and your hair is more prone to breakage as the cuticles are still open from washing. Wait until your hair is half dry or damp, then start your brushing at the bottom and work your way up. We love the Tangle Teezer Brush (Amazon, $20), it’s compact and easy to bring on the go and detangles our hair with ease.

2: Silk hair ties



Package of Slip Small SlipSilk tiesWe love a good high pony, especially in the summer. But have you ever worn a high hairstyle and noticed a bunch of baby hairs hanging down the back of your neck and wondered where they came from? Believe it or not, this is most likely caused by your hair tie breaking your hairs. If you haven’t already, it’s time to ditch the generic hair tie and swap them out with something safer on your hair like silk hair ties! Silk hair ties protect your hair from the elastic part which equals less hair breakage, yay! They offer great hold as well, so they are high pony approved. Our go-to is the Slip Small SlipSilk ties (Sephora, $28) they are super cute (basically a mini scrunchie), they’re the only hair accessory you’ll need!


3: Heat protectant



Bumble and Bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil bottleUsing a heat protectant is arguably the most important step in our hair care routine. A heat protectant adds moisture while forming a protective barrier that reduces moisture loss when heat is applied to it. You shouldn’t only use a heat protector when you’re styling your hair with heat, it also helps protect your hair from damaging UV rays in the summer and smooths hair cuticles making it less prone to frizz in humidity. A staple in our routine is Bumble and Bumble’s Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil (Sephora, $32), we put this in our hair damp and it helps with the detangling process and leaves our hair smooth and frizz-free. Our hairstylist Betzy also recommended a few of her favorite heat protectants in the blog post how to blow-dry your hair, according to a pro if you’re looking for a few more options!


4: Dedicated hair towel



Lisse Luxe Towel in pinkDid you know drying your hair with a towel can be super damaging because the towel fibers are very rough? It seems extra to have a dedicated hair towel and trust us, we were hesitant to make the switch because it just seemed unnecessary. We’ve actually just been using a high-quality cotton t-shirt to dry our hair for a couple of months now and we have noticed a difference in our hair! The cotton allows our hair to dry faster and after about one month of use, we noticed our hair drying less frizzy than normal. Some of our friends swear by their Lisse Luxe Towel (Sephora, $40) which claims similar results to a cotton t-shirt except the towel is more absorbent. If your hair is thicker the towel may be a better option for you. Whichever option you choose, your hair will thank you.


5: Hair mask



 Olaplex No.3 Hair perfectorA hair mask is a must, adding more moisture to your hair is always a good idea. Hair masks do what conditioners can’t. Much like a face mask, a hair mask goes a little deeper than your everyday products. Hair masks are also packed with higher concentrations of active ingredients that moisturize, hydrate and strengthen hair. What ingredients you should look for just depends on what you’re looking to accomplish, oils help to nourish and hydrate and plant butter helps moisturize dry strands. Our all-time favourite hair mask is Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Hair Mask, it just makes our hair feel silky smooth after. We have also provided a DIY hair mask recipe in our previous blog: 4 beauty products you can DIY at home if you prefer something more budget-friendly. Finally, we recently started using Olaplex No.3 which works on all hair types to repair the bond of hairs, this is great for people with damaged hair from colouring or excess heat.


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