The best beauty hacks for quarantine

The best beauty hacks for quarantine


It’s getting to that point in quarantine where we’re running a bit low on certain beauty supplies, but we really can’t be bothered to head anywhere to re-stock.  That got us thinking about some of the products we currently use in more than one way and what else we may be able to hack while in quarantine.  So, in addition to a couple of our tips, we scoured the internet for beauty editors’ top beauty hacks.  Keep on reading to see what products you likely already have that can double for others in a pinch!


conditioner as shave gel


Garnier Whole Blends Avocado Oil hair conditionerDo you run out of shampoo faster than conditioner? Do you have super sensitive, dry skin? Are you out of shave gel? If you said yes to any of these, this hack is for you.  It’s one we’ve personally been doing for years and we’re always shocked when we come across others who haven’t heard of it.


Conditioner is an amazing substitute for shaving gel because it is actually attracted to hair, so it coats it and allows your razor to more easily glide across your skin.  It also leaves your skin feeling super hydrated and moisturized after shaving – unheard of, we know!


We usually have two conditioners on the go - a high-quality one and one from the drugstore, which is the one we use for shaving.  You can really use any conditioner you want, we just prefer not to use something too expensive!




t-shirts for drying your hair


Plain white cotton t-shirtYou’ve probably heard that towel drying your hair can be damaging due to the fact that towel fibers are very rough, but it’s likely you continue to use one because you’re not sure what else you can do! An amazing, much gentler substitute is an old cotton t-shirt.


The way we do this personally is to stick our head through the hole where you’d normally put the t-shirt on but instead of pulling the body and sleeves over yourself, use these parts to wrap the hair up.  A long sleeve t-shirt is great because you can use it to tie the shirt off and secure it in place.  We leave our hair tied up in it for about 5-10 minutes before styling and it is quite noticeable how much less frizzy the hair is versus leaving it in a towel for the same amount of time.


Any t-shirt will do, just make sure it's cotton!



coconut oil and socks for dry skin


Raw coconuts cut in half and coconut oil in jarRunning out of hand and foot cream (or body cream in general)? If yes, and if in particular, you fall victim to dry and cracked feet, this simple solution will change your life.  Work coconut oil, a common kitchen ingredient, into the skin on your feet before bed and put on any old pair of socks overtop to lock in the moisture.  You’ll wake up with noticeably softer feet!


Note: You can also buy cotton gloves online for your hands!



Polysporin for blemishes


Polysporin topical antibioticOk, this is one we have not tried personally but we’ve heard amazing things about it from others.  Apparently Polysporin, the topical antibiotic you use to disinfect cuts and scrapes, makes a really great spot treatment for blemishes.


This does make sense in theory given blemishes occur when your skin’s oil glands become clogged and infected with bacteria, so we may give it a try when our spot treatment runs out.  The bonus if it works for you is that it’s substantially cheaper than most spot treatments and you also are likely to want to have it around the house anyway.





There you have it! These are our top beauty hacks relevant to the times right now.  Do you have one you want to share? Send it over to and we’ll be sure to spread the word.  

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