The 6 biggest nail trends taking over this winter

The 6 biggest nail trends taking over this winter

We don’t know about you, but one of our favourite things about switching seasons is that it gives us an opportunity to change up our nail look like matching our manicure to our favourite fuzzy sweater or opting for a colour we wouldn’t dare wear in the summer. While there are staples you can revisit each year – like sparkles, holiday-themed art, and winter tones – this year’s winter nail trends are even more fun. Better yet, our nail technicians have become pros at these trends! Keep scrolling to see what’s in season this winter!



1. neutral nails 

Nude pick acrylic manicure on black woman wearing wedding bandThe new year often symbolizes new beginnings for many people, so what better way to start the new year than with a clean, chic mani? A neutral nail is always in style, but we’ve seen these soft pink nails all over our Instagram feed recently, hinting at a winter takeover. Neutral tones are perfect because they will look pretty with whatever colourful chunky sweater you’re wearing. Our pro Renee created the look on the right and we’re obsessed with this light pink colour. You could go even more neutral and opt for a sheer shade instead!




2. the updated French manicure 

updated french manicure with half white and green tips with ring finger nail completely green This style was included in our summer nail trends blog as well and we don’t think it’s going away anytime soon. With each new season, the French manicure look is updated to stay in style. It’s just way too fun and versatile to fall out of fashion! This season we’re seeing the French look toned down with cooler shades and personalized with mix-matched patterns. If you’re feeling a little extra, try adding some sparkle to your next French manicure-inspired look! Our pro Rolla created the mix-matched, cool-toned French manicure to the left, which is super chic and the colour is perfect for winter! 




3. mix-matched nails 

mix matched manicure on woman with purple, pink and white colours with white feather in backgroundThere is something so simple and fun about these manicures. Colours mix-matched together all on one hand somehow making sense? The inner child in us loves it! We also love this style because it’s accessible to everyone inside and outside the salon - there is no nail experience needed! We’ve been guilty of painting our nails this way more than once during lockdown and we don’t think this style is going anywhere soon as it’s a simple way to add a bit of spice to a standard one-colour manicure. Our pro Nikki created the mix-matched manicure to the right. She chose colours with a similar undertone to get a more cohesive, matching look! Photo from @reverieofkiki




4. deep blue nails 

deep blue shellac manicure on woman's hand wearing two silver ringsThere is something so stunning about a deep blue, cobalt/navy nail for the winter season. It’s dark yet warm without being too moody. It’s not overpowering like a full black mani, but the colour is still so eye-catching that it definitely makes a statement. We are typically light nail colour girls, but these dark blue tones will always make an appearance on our fingers at least once a winter. Our nail technician Batsheva did the beautiful navy manicure on the left and we love how simple and elegant this shade is!






5. negative space manicure 

nagative space manicure with half nail black and other half light pink french manicure on woman's hand with gold rings and braceletNegative space manicures will continue to trend and likely become even more popular than they are today! There are just so many different design options for negative space manicures, which is why we love them so much. If you wanted you could get a different negative space design every week of the year and your nails will still likely never look the same as they did before! Subtle graphic lines or a few dots on a natural nail can easily make a statement with very little effort. The best part? You can make your manicure last for weeks because this style of nail art can withstand a bit of growth and chipping. We love this negative space manicure done by our pro, Renee. The black makes a statement while the half French tip adds a touch of elegance! Photo from @kendra.schindler




6. ombre glitter 

blue ombre glitter manicure with light pink base on black woman's handWhile a classic glitter polish is always perfect for winter and the holiday season, there’s a way to up your nail game a little bit while keeping the glam… ombre glitter! The options are endless for this look. You can choose a coloured glitter and fade it into a similar shade as our pro Rolla did with the nails to the left. Or you can fade the glitter into a solid neutral polish for a subtler look. You can even add more dimension by adding larger chunks of glitter (sequins or other decals) in addition to the loose glitter to make your nails seriously pop!








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