Summer-ready feet in 3 simple steps

Summer-ready feet in 3 simple steps

The summer months are coming and many of us are struggling to get our feet sandal-ready at home.  While you may not be able to pedicure your nails like a nail tech would, caring for the skin on your feet can be achieved using three simple steps, outlined below.  We recommend working these steps into your night time ritual, as-needed, so that you can moisturize for a longer amount of time! 


step #1: soak


Dr Teal’s She Butter & Almond Oil Epsom SaltThe first step is to soak your feet, which is essential prior to utilizing a scrub.  If you don’t have a footbath, you can easily use a clean bucket or even your bathtub with a chair set-up beside.  A simple Epsom salt is the perfect addition to warm water for your soak, which you should spend about 20 minutes in.


You can find Epsom salt at most grocery stores or pharmacies, but our favourite is Dr Teal’s She Butter & Almond Oil Epsom Salt ($9.99, Shoppers Drug Mart).





step #2: scrub


The Body Shop’s Peppermint Foot ScrubThis is the step that helps to remove the excess, thick skin we all dread.  We like use a gentle foot file, which you can pick-up at most grocery stores or pharmacies, paired with The Body Shop’s Peppermint Foot Scrub ($15 online).  You can also handmake a scrub at home using raw sugar and honey mixed to achieve your preferred consistency.  After soaking your feet, simply add a tablespoon of the scrub to the top of your foot and start massaging it in with your hands.  Then, using the file, focus on areas that need additional exfoliation, such as your heel, the tips of your toes or that pesky spot between your first two toes that flip flops often wreak havoc on.  Be aware not to over-exfoliate (and we highly suggest avoiding a blade or metal file) as this can damage the skin and even promote excessive skin regrowth.



step #3: moisturize


Aveda’s Foot Relief Moisturizing CreamThe final step is to add some moisture to the skin of your feet.  You can use coconut oil if you like to keep things simple and natural or, our favourite foot lotion, Aveda’s Foot Relief Moisturizing Cream ($34 online).


An additional, very important step is to seal that moisture in, and cotton socks do a great job of this however there are dedicated pedicure socks you can find, like the Pamper Me Moisturizing Gel Booties from Bed Bath and Beyond, if you want to splurge a bit.




There you have it! A simple but effective foot care routine to keep your feet soft and moisturized throughout the summer months and beyond! You can repeat this routine as you feel thick skin building up on your feet but step 3 can be used any time and as often as you like!


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