Slow beauty: a more thoughtful, intent beauty routine

Slow beauty: a more thoughtful, intent beauty routine

You may have heard of clean beauty, but what about slow beauty? The easiest way to understand slow beauty is to think of a capsule wardrobe, which involves investing in a few staple pieces of clothing that are classic and timeless.  This is in contrast to fast fashion, which involves making repeat purchases of often poorly made garments that come and go in style and ultimately end up at the back of your closet or the bottom of a trash bin.  The price of these capsule pieces may be higher than fast fashion items, but their value is reflected in their quality. Now, extend this idea to your beauty routine, and you have ‘slow beauty’. Like slow fashion, slow beauty is all about investing in products that have been lovingly crafted using sustainable methods and ethically sourced ingredients. It's also about using fewer, higher quality products to lessen unnecessary consumption and waste. We’re diving into slow beauty this week to uncover why this is more than just a beauty trend, but a way to improve your wellbeing as a whole.

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What exactly is slow beauty?

Slow beauty can be considered a holistic concept since it concerns not only your beauty routine but all areas of your life. Things such as getting a good night’s sleep and making sure your body is being fueled with a nutritional, balanced diet are both a part of what slow beauty entails at its core. It’s about being more mindful in all aspects of your life. Slow beauty also takes into account the environment and promotes sustainability at all levels of the supply chain. Since we live in such a fast-paced world where everything is instant, practicing the art of “less is more” can be difficult when everything around us is so convenient. If you are looking to slow down some aspects of your life, below are some of the first steps you can take.



How to 'slow down' your beauty routine:

1. Do your research


The first step to slowing down your beauty routine is to take time to choose the products within it. This can be difficult as we are so used to being bombarded with advertisements encouraging us to buy the next best thing. It can be tempting to hop on the next beauty trend, but instead of impulse buying, do your research and make an informed decision. In doing this, we can truly appreciate our purchase knowing it’s the right fit for us and not just a one-off buy.


2. Go for products with natural ingredients & an eco-friendly footprint


When searching for slow beauty products, look for products that are 100% natural and organic to provide your skin with the purest of ingredients. After all, our skin is the largest organ in our body, so why shouldn’t we be feeding it the best of the best? Mother nature has done a great job of looking after us, it’s only fair that we do what we can to take care of her as well. It’s important that when you’re looking for products you search through an ecological and responsible lens, look for ingredients that are ethical and sustainable. This extends to packaging as well - search for items that can be recycled, and better yet, upcycled! When you finish your next moisturizer, why not reuse the jar and turn it into a cute pot for plants?


3. Less is more


Another core idea of slow beauty is that given you’re investing in your skincare, you shouldn't expect overnight, quick fixes. It may be difficult to visibly see the benefit of using the same gentle products day in and day out but in reality, this slow process is much better for your skin compared to the results from speedy treatments that often offer only a temporary fix. Investing in quality skincare produces slower, but longer-lasting results.


4. Be mindful


Taking time for yourself is an essential part of slow beauty, but it’s also crucial for your well-being. Being pampered doesn’t have to be reserved for spa trips, why not make pampering yourself a daily occurrence? Recreate a spa environment for yourself every night at home - light some candles, dim the lights, put on a soothing playlist and embrace your skincare routine. After all, you should be excited to use the products you so thoughtfully chose for yourself! Taking your make-up off at the end of the day shouldn’t be a chore.  Think instead about looking forward to washing your face, which adds an element of luxury and a way to elevate your everyday. For us, adapting to a slow beauty routine provides us with at-home escapism in today’s uncertain times, which we appreciate!



Where to shop slow beauty?

If you’re looking to find slow beauty products, keep an eye out for brands that promise eco-conscious practices in every step of the supply chain, from ingredient sourcing through to the packaging. Also, look for labels that include the words 'vegan' and 'organic' when making a decision. A local Toronto spot you can shop at for slow beauty is the Unboxed Market Toronto or Omo Bamboo Shop, which are zero-waste stores that also sell personal care items such as shampoo, conditioner, soaps, and cleansers. These are great places to shop if you’re looking to not only slow down your beauty routine but your entire lifestyle. If you just want to slow down your beauty, for now, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite beauty brands that encompass slow beauty at their core.


Slow beauty Brand vinter's daughter active botanical serumVinter's Daughter

This brand only sells two products, but they are results-driven. For skincare minimalists, these products are ideal. They are definitely on the pricey side, but they pack a punch and will last you a very long time. You can find this brand at The Detox Market and we’re dying to try the Active Botanical Serum (Detox Market, $240), which includes the world’s most “beautifying” botanicals and reviews that live up to the hype.


Meow Meow Tweet

Slow beauty brand meow meow tweet biodegradable eucalyptus lemon deodorant stickThis a small-batch skincare company that creates vegan products with pure, all-natural and organic ingredients. They have a wide range of 100% biodegradable deodorants as well as other facial skincare items. We love the Eucalyptus Lemon Deodorant Stick (Detox Market, $21) because it smells super clean and fresh plus using a compostable deodorant is a great way to reduce your plastic consumption.


Slow beauty brand Osea Ocean Cleansing milk face cleanserOsea

Osea is inspired by the sea and its natural healing properties. Osea is a vegan, sustainability-minded skincare line that delivers potent, bioavailable ingredients. We love this brand, especially their Ocean Cleansing Milk (Detox Market, $73) which gives us the kind of skin you can only get after a long, relaxing vacation!



To switch to a slow beauty routine, shopping at The Detox Market is a great place to start. All the brands they carry are hand-picked and only include the purest ingredients, cruelty-free formulas and exceptional performance. It’s time we all slow down a little bit and do what we can to clean up our routines.






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