Simple steps for decluttering, cleaning, and organizing your make-up and skincare

Simple steps for decluttering, cleaning, and organizing your make-up and skincare

Buckets and drawers bursting with serums, mascaras from who knows when, and lip sticks of every colour of the rainbow.  Sound familiar? There’s no shame in admitting that your make-up and skincare line-up has gotten a bit out of hand and hasn’t had any attention in a while.  It happens to the best of us.


That said, keeping your make-up and skincare orderly and organized is important for a couple of reasons. First, using expired or old product can be super harmful to your skin, as can using brushes that have not be washed in a while.  Second, when you can’t see your products, you may end up using the same ones over and over and forgetting about others that you also invested money in.  That’s why we’ve come up with the below guide for decluttering, cleaning, and organizing your make-up and skincare.




There are probably a ton of products you aren’t using or that you purchased long ago.  The easiest place to start decluttering is to part with the things you have to part with – the expired products.  We’ve discussed this on our IG channel, but most products have their shelf life printed on them in the form of a picture that looks like a container with an open lid plus a number and the letter “M”. The “M” denotes months so something that says 6M will expire in 6M after opening.  A great general guide for when to throw out beauty products can be found here.  We highly suggest labelling products with the date you opened them so you know when the time is to purge them.


Next, move on the products that are still within their date but that you don’t use – yes, we’re talking about that purple lipstick you bought thinking you were edgy that you’ve never applied once.  Unused products (or ones that are lightly used but sterile) can likely be donated or traded with a friend to reduce waste, but others may need to be tossed.  





The next step is to clean your remaining products out.  We like to start with our brushes, which is something else we’ve chatted about at length on our IG.  Brushes, especially those used on for foundation, concealer, and face powders should be washed weekly (yes, weekly).  Simply pump some of your cleanser onto the palm of your hand, wet the brush, and move it in circular motions in the cleanser on your palm until no more colour bleeds from it.  Rinse, reform the brush to its regular shape, and allow it to air dry by positioning the bristles off the side of a countertop so that they are completely surrounded by air.


Moving on, you’ll want to disinfect your products.  You can do this by filling a spray bottle with isopropyl alcohol (a few dollars from any drug or grocery store) and spraying it from a good distance on your products.  For blushes, powders, and shadows simply spray directly onto them and allow them to dry.  You can do the same for lipsticks too and be sure to sharpen all pencils.  We even clean the exterior of our products with the alcohol and a cloth.  Always remember, however, that the most important way to keep your products clean and sterile is to use clean brushes and to wash your hands before handling!




There are tons of products out there to help you organize your make-up and skincare and as mentioned, the benefit of this is the ability to easily see all of your options and get better use of your range to avoid waste.  See below for our favourites.

If you have a lot of space in your room


A vanity is a great option because it allows you to not only have a place to organize your products but also somewhere to sit as you get ready.  There are tons of vanities out there at a range of price points too.  If you don’t have quite enough space for a vanity, you can also opt for a tall, narrow shelving unit (image 1 below, Ikea).


If you have a lot of counter or drawer space


Consider an acrylic tabletop storage unit, which still allows you to pack a considerable number of products away all within an arm’s reach (image 2 below, Wayfair).  Drawer organizers are also great if you have more drawers than counter space (image 3 below, Wayfair).


If you’re looking for a case


If you’re looking for a more portable alternative, you have a couple of options.  You can opt for a make-up bag; however, we find that these get dirty and are difficult to clean (though many bags can and should be tossed in the washing machine). In addition, make-up bags aren't as orderly and require a lot of digging to find a product.  An alternative is a hard-shell case, which is more compartmentalized and easier to sift through and clean (image 4 below, Sephora).


White Ikea storage cabinet with 6 drawers  Tall, narrow vanity shelving unit for make-up storage  Flat drawer organizer for make-up products   Hard shell portable make-up with inner compartments



There you have it! This full and complete guide on decluttering, cleaning, and organizing your make-up and skincare routine is a great activity to keep you busy while giving your products some much-needed attention and order!

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