Shaping your brows at home in 4 simple steps

Shaping your brows at home in 4 simple steps

Many of us are at the point where our brows have passed the bushy-and-in-style phase and moved into the wild-and-overgrown phase.  With uncertainty surrounding when we’ll all be able to see a professional next, we decided to share our at-home brow clean-up routine as well as a few dos and don’ts so you can keep your brows in shape in the meantime.


Two notes before we start: We don’t suggest cleaning your brows up if you’ve seen a professional within the last ten or so weeks.  You want to prevent excessive hair removal and let’s be honest, we’re not really seeing anyone these days anyway.  Second, we suggest performing this clean up after your skincare regimen when your skin is well moisturized and prepped.


step #1: map


You’ve probably seen this done, but the first step is to use a pencil or a thin make-up brush to map out your brow shape.  You do this by first positioning it from the middle of your nostril directly upwards, which is the start.  You then rotate the pencil to the outside of your iris to find your arch and then once more to the outside of your eye to find the end.  This just gives you an idea of your natural shape.  At each of these points (the start, arch, and end) make a dot using an eye or lip pencil at the bottom of your brow for future reference.  If you're unsure what we mean, use a quick Google search!



step #2: trim


Trimming can usually give you most of the clean-up you need.  Using a brow brush (or new toothbrush, if you don’t have a brow brush), brush your brows directly upwards.  This will reveal long hairs that you can then go in and trim with brow shaping scissors.  Don’t try to trim like a professional here by getting ultra-close to your brow line, just focus on trimming the excessively long hairs.



step #3: tweeze


Working along the lines you can envision between the dots you mapped out in step one, start to remove long, very stray hairs.  Be sure to pluck in the direction of growth while gently stretching the skin with your other hand.  Focus below your brow line but you can also consider tidying up the middle and tops of your brows if you’re finding excessive growth there.



step #4: calm


You’ll want to calm the skin after, as this whole process can be irritating to it.  Any form of cooling gel you have or can get your hands on should be the trick – the more natural, the better! Apply to the areas of your skin where you see redness and that’s it, you’re done!



dos and don'ts


Do invest in good tools.  Believe it or not, good tweezers make a difference as do good scissors.  Below are a few of our favourtites (images are linked) but most of these tools can be found at the drug or grocery store or online.


                       Anastasia beverly hills eyebrow tweezer in black     Small brow trimming scissors       Live Clean After Sun Aloe Gel          Beautifully Precise Dual Sided Eyebrow Brush by e.l.f. cosmetics


Do use a regular mirror and stand a good distance from it.  You’ll be tempted to get up super close to it so you can see but this distorts your perspective.  Try tweezing a couple of strays, then stepping away from the mirror to check, then tweezing again, etc.  


Don’t over-tweeze.  Using the above recommendation of only tweezing a few hairs at a time will help with this.  You can always come back! Also avoid tweezing baby hairs and opt only for very long ones.


Do use natural light when working on your brows to ensure you’re seeing what everyone else will see when you’re complete.


Don’t wax.  Our experts recommend not attempting to wax your brows at home with one of the DIY microwaveable kits you can find at the drug store.  There is little margin for error and beyond that, the last thing you want to do is burn yourself or cause serious irritation.  Leave the wax to the experts!

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