Our 2020 takeaways and aspirations for the new year

Our 2020 takeaways and aspirations for the new year

Take a deep breath, this crazy, unpredictable year is almost over (finally!). For many of us, this year has been incredibly challenging, transformative, and eye-opening. In some ways, life went on as usual – we were still expected to show face at work, babies were born, the seasons changed and Taylor Swift put out an album. Though, in many other ways, this year was like no other we’ve experienced in our lifetime. For better or worse, this past year changed us. Now looking back, we can see all the lessons we’ve learned. We surveyed our mailing list on their key takeaways from 2020 as well as their aspirations for 2021. Below, we’re sharing the common themes and lessons learned from our survey as well as what people are most looking forward to in the new year!



Lessons learned

  • Appreciate everything: This was the most common lesson learned. We should never take anything for granted because the privilege may come and go. Remember when we could blow out candles on a birthday cake? So many times, we have taken that for granted and wished for the moment of singing and celebrating to be over. Now looking back, we cling to those memories of celebration and togetherness.
  • Don’t let the small things get to you: In pre-covid times, it seemed like everyone was in a rush to do something or get somewhere. We would always be hurrying onto the next thing and a minor inconvenience had to potential to ruin our day. Now with this year winding down, we realize how long and taxing it has been, there is no need to sweat the small things! After all, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Self-care is important: Self-care is an important part of staying physically and mentally happy and healthy This past year has made us realize just how big of a role self-care plays on our mental health. We are so used to catering to the needs of others that we put our needs on the backburner. In 2020, we spent the majority of our time alone which forced us to focus on ourselves. Before the pandemic, we considered our self-care routine as just our skincare routine, but it is now so much more than that. Our self-care routine has adapted to include, journaling, exercise, the outdoors and healthy habits. We’ve found that a stable self-care routine can make all the difference, especially in times of uncertainty.
  • We exist to help one another: Throughout these tough times, we have seen communities come together to lend a helping hand and lift each other up. On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve also seen divide and how catastrophic a one-track mind can be. Despite the difficulties we’ve all had to endure and sacrifices we have had to make, it’s heartwarming to see people come together for the greater good.
  • Change can be good: Of course, change can be scary and not everyone likes it. Though, great things don’t come from comfort zones. We’ve all had to make changes and adapt this year, what’s important is being able to see the positive side of every situation. Think back to when a change seemed super inconvenient to you, was it as inconvenient as you thought? Did something good eventually result in that change?


2021 aspirations


Still, looking for new year resolution inspiration? Here’s what our readers are most looking forward to in 2021:


  • Travel: This is the most common theme, understandably. With the majority of 2020 being spent at home isolating, we think we speak for all of us when we say we’re looking forward to hopefully travelling again soon (fingers crossed)!
  • Becoming more mindful: This year has given us a lot of time (almost too much time) to reflect on ourselves. There seems to be a shift to a more spiritual point of view. Our readers, as well as ourselves, are looking forward to being more mindful with our decisions and actions while also approaching things with a loving open perspective.
  • Financial stability: Having a steady job you can depend on is great, but the uncertainty of this year made depending on one income seem like not enough. Developing multiple streams of income is a popular goal for our readers in 2021. Turn a hobby into a side hustle, spend some time learning about the stock market or sell your services online. Technology today makes it increasingly easy to gain new income sources, it just all comes down to where you devote your time!
  • Manifestations coming to fruition: We are all hoping for a brighter year ahead, so whatever you have been manifesting in 2020, we hope it comes to life!

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