nail trends for spring 2019

nail trends for spring 2019

With summer around the corner, it’s finally time to shake up your look and breathe some life back into your day-to-day.  What better way to do this than an uber trendy nail art design all performed by a mobile nail artist? Nail art has exploded as a staple in the beauty regimen of celebs and bloggers alike and at Primped, we’re a huge fan of using it to achieve a creative and unique expression of personal style.

Nailing down the top 3 trends for Spring 2019 was easy – we simply turned to our very own #nailqueen and mobile nail artist, Lauren Y.  For those who’ve seen the nail art on our feed, Lauren is the genius behind pretty much all of it, and she’s taken it to a whole new level with these looks.   Spoiler alert: There are real flowers involved.

Look #1: The minimal mani

A minimal manicure done by nail technician Lauren Y

Lovers of the "less is more" mentality rejoice - one of the biggest mani trends for Spring 2019 is the minimal mani. This trend consists of tiny singular shapes or lines overtop a bare nail. The look is easy for any skill level to execute but looks super chic and fashion-forward. Lauren went with little gold baguettes for that extra touch of luxury.

Look #2: The floral mani

A floral manicure completed with real flowers by nail technician Lauren Y

As much as you're probably thinking "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking…" (read in Meryl Streep's voice), you can't deny this look is a staple. Let's face it, florals are just one of those classics that will likely never die. To freshen up this "oldie but goodie", Lauren used real pressed flowers (courtesy of Lee Mezaros of Eau Claire Resin) in her own design.  So stunning!

Look #3: The coloured French mani

Blue coloured french manicure done by nail technician Lauren Y

A punch of colour takes this look from slightly dated to super current and fresh. Whether following the natural shape of your nail or adding design flourishes, this trend looks great over natural nails or your favourite nude. If you want to take this trend to the next level or can’t decide on just one colour, incorporate another major trend this spring – do each nail in a different colour.

If you’re looking to replicate one of these looks or achieve any other nail art look, head to our Nail pages to book with Lauren! As a mobile nail tech on Primped, Lauren travels to customers so they can have their manicure at home, saving you the trouble and hassle of having to book with and travel to the salon.

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