mastering in-home beauty appointments

mastering in-home beauty appointments

We get it – in-home beauty services are likely a new thing for you and it can take a bit of wrapping your head around. While receiving your beauty services in your home (or office or gym) comes with obvious perks, there can often be some resistance to giving it a try for the first time. In this blog post, we address the best ways to prepare for any in-home beauty treatment as well as how to ensure everything runs smoothly. We promise, once you’ve tried it once, you’ll have the hang of it!

during booking

When booking, make sure to provide inspiration photos of the look you are trying to achieve. Our professionals do their best to bring a selection of products to you but, of course, being mobile limits how much they can pack. Uploading an inspiration photo (or a few if you aren’t sure) helps ensure your professional has everything she needs to achieve your desired look.

It’s also important to ensure that you outline any allergies, relevant health concerns, or preferences for products and tools while booking. You can do this in the designated forms during the booking process.

Finally, be sure to browse beauty professionals’ portfolios prior to booking. While all Primped’s professionals are highly trained, vetted, and rated by clients, they have different styles and specialties that you should consider and become familiar with prior to booking. On the Primped app, you can browse through each professionals’ portfolio prior to booking. Their portfolio is the best place to judge whether a professional’s style suits the style you are looking to achieve. We always encourage you to review it briefly prior to submitting a request to book.


In advance of your appointment, you should be sure that you’re following the applicable directions for the service you have booked. A quick reference guide is below:

Blow-outs: Ensure that you have washed and conditioned your hair just before your pro has arrived. Do not apply any products. Your hair should still be damp when your mobile hairstylist arrives.

Other hair styling: Day-old hair is best for holding a style. If possible, aim to wash your hair the day before your appointment.

Make-up: Ensure you have a freshly washed and moisturized face for your mobile make-up artist.

Lash and brow services. It is absolutely necessary to remove all eye make-up in advance of any and all lash and brow appointments. It’s even better if you are able to remove your entire face of make-up.  This applies for all mobile eyelash services including lists, tints, and extensions as well as eyebrow waxing.

Nails: Please ensure to have clean hands and/or feet prior to a manicure and pedicure. If you’ve been digging through the garden or wandering barefoot outside, do wash your hands/feet for your mobile nail tech.

Tanning: Aim to have clean skin. Do not moisturize in advance of your spray tan. A full list of best practices for receiving a spray tan at home and a general guide to spray tanning can be found here.

You should also ensure that your space is properly set-up for your in-home service. This typically takes only a couple of minutes and involves the following required items:

A chair (you’ll need two for nail services; for make-up and hair services a bar-height chair works best)
A table or other surface
A close-by outlet (you may need an extension cord if you have no close-by outlets)
Decent lighting (natural is preferred)

On a final note, resist the urge to clean in advance. Your home absolutely does not need to be spotless for an appointment. In-home appointments are intended to reduce stress, not create it!

during an appointment

By this point, there’s not much else for you to do besides enjoy your in-home beauty service! We encourage customers to do whatever it is that makes them most comfortable or best suits them during their appointment. While some use it as an opportunity to get work done, others love to destress to a podcast or book while the remainder enjoy chatting with their professional. The Primped app has a special setting that allows you to communicate to beauty professionals in advance whether you’d like to chat or relax during your appointment. We encourage you to program this setting in, so that your beauty service flows according to your preferences!

Avoid playing hostess to your beauty professional. It’s natural to feel the need to entertain in your own home, and while offering water to your professional is a kind gesture, there is no need to freshly brew coffee or cook her lunch and send her home with the leftovers. Just relax!

Have additional questions? We may have answered them already on our FAQ page. If not, comment below or shoot them over to .

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Primped is an online booking technology that combines the availability of multiple freelance beauty pros who will bring their services to you, meaning you can book appointments according to your schedule and enjoy the convenience of in-home service.