indoor plants for every room in your home

indoor plants for every room in your home

There are a few things that can take your home to the next level as an adult: a bookshelf, a bar cart, and, most quintessentially, indoor plants. Let’s be real, though – most of us don’t exactly have a green thumb and may be unsure of where to start, often jumping right into plant parenthood and buying whatever looks pretty. Having been there and bought that, we suggest doing the opposite. Different plants suit different rooms and there’s a lot to consider such as how much light each room gets, if it’s an indirect or direct sun, and the humidity level. Now that you’re picturing where you’ll put plants, we’ve rounded up a list of the best plants that also have a function for every room in your house!




lavender stems on laying on white bathground This is an obvious choice for the bedroom - lavender! The scent of lavender is known to promote calmness and serenity and can also aid in sleep! Keep a pot of lavender on your dresser to help you ease into relaxation at the end of a long day. You can also use the dried leaves for a variety of purposes, like bringing scent to your drawers in little sachets! Lavender comes in a few different varieties, but French lavender is best suited for indoors. It will need a sunny spot, so keep that in mind, and be sure to water it regularly but allow the topsoil to dry out in between watering.


If you’re not into scented plants, try aloe vera! Not only does aloe absorb toxins in the air, but it can also be used for burns, skin healing and more. Whether your hands are dry from over-washing or you’re suffering from a sunburn, aloe can help! Aloe is also said to treat acne scars as the gel in the stems increases collagen and elastin fibre production. Whenever you think your skin could use a boost, simply snap off a stalk and glide it along the area you wish to treat - easy! To take proper care of your aloe, water it once a week and leave it in indirect light. One thing to note is that if the leaves start accumulating brown spots, that means there are excessive chemicals in the air of your home that you may want to look into!



living room:

peace lily plant in striped pot on white backgroundThere are tons of great plants for the living room, but our favourite is the peace lily. We love it because the flowers are beautiful and it’s super easy to maintain. It adapts well to low-light situations but will likely flower nonstop if given more light. You’ll just need to water this guy once per week and trim any unhealthy-looking leaves. We love the peace lily because it acts as an air filter, reducing chemical toxins, fillers, formaldehyde, acetone and more that are typically found in harsh cleaning products. One thing to note is that the peace lily can be toxic if ingested, so if you have young kids and pets, be sure to keep it somewhere safe.



home office:

snake plant in black pot on white backgroundSince March, our home office has slowly turned into a jungle because plants in our workspace bring us joy. They can also prevent fatigue and improve attention span! We don’t have a favourite plant child, but our most loved office plant is our snake plant. It makes a statement with its long, sword-like leaves, requires very little sunlight and is nearly indestructible! The snake plant is great because it can be a focal point, brighten up a dark corner, or even be a room divider if your office space has some traffic. The snake plant is similar to a cactus, so you’ll want to let the soil completely dry out between watering and you should not overwater it. This plant is also great for offices because, like the peace lily, it removes toxins and also maintains a healthy amount of oxygen in the air.




boston fern plant in grey pot on white backgroundFerns make for great bathroom plants because they thrive in low light, humid environments and our favourite is the Boston fern. You can place it on a shelf and let the leaves grow and overhang or put it in a neglected corner for some lush, low maintenance decor. Ferns are some of the best plants for removing air pollutants and they also act as a humidifier, which is amazing particularly in the winter months. The soil of a fern should always be a bit damp, so this may need watering twice a week.




Click and Grow Smart Indoor Garden with Basil Seed Capsule Refill in white with herbs growingThere’s no better houseplant for the kitchen than one you can cook with - queue herbs! There are tons of herbs to choose from and most can all be grown indoors year long! Our favourite herbs to grow are basil, mint, and cilantro and you can usually find herb plants at the grocery store for purchase. Growing herbs indoors can sometimes be a difficult task, though, as they usually require a lot of direct sunlight, which is not always possible naturally in the wintertime. If you’re committed to starting an indoor herb garden, considering investing in an indoor herb garden planter like this one. The light on indoor gardens like this may be the determinant of life or death for herbs in the winter.




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