How to Take a Day Off in Quarantine

How to Take a Day Off in Quarantine

There’s something about nice, warm weather that just triggers vacation mood, but with quarantine and travel restrictions still lingering, going away is not really an option at the moment. Just because borders are closed, doesn’t mean 2020 vacation plans must be canceled. Furthermore, with most of us transforming our homes into workspaces, it has become increasingly hard to truly relax at home. Although it seems normal and almost expected that we stay plugged in, whether it’s scrolling social media or the news, it’s important that we take time to unplug. Now is the perfect time to take a staycation. Even if you just chill out in your living room to take a break from work, here are a few simple ways to make your “vacay” even more enjoyable!


#1: set the mood


Tie dye background representing the Serotonin playlist on SpotifyTurn on some tunes with your ideal vacation vibe! Spotify has some really great mood-based playlists. For relaxing, let-your-hair-down music, check out Chill Hits on Spotify. For something a little more upbeat, try Insecure, HBO’s playlist equipped with all the songs played on the show. If you want to be transported to a summer day-dream, try the Serotonin playlist.  This one may make you get up and dance, though, so beware! Or choose a few playlists that will transport you to a different setting altogether. Our suggestions: Fuego, Beach Vibes, and Brunch Playlist


As you’re listening…




#2: do a beauty treatment


bath bomb filled bath tub with A red candles litIdeally, on a vacation, someone would be providing these treatments, however, with the current situation, it’s DIY time. Not to worry though, here are a few easy yet relaxing treatments. If you have a bathtub, fill it up, drop in a bath bomb or some essential oils, light some candles and voila! If that’s not an option, you could give yourself a foot soak (check out our last blog for sandal-ready feet), do a hair mask or a facial treatment.








#3: make a drink


Green smoothie in a tall glass garnished with two cucumbersThis depends on the kind of vacation vibe you’re going for, but whether you're a yoga retreat kind of person, beach bum, or bar hopper, a good drink is always a must. Opt for a green smoothie for a more detoxifying drink. Mix a fancy cocktail if you’re feeling a bit extra or for something easy, you can’t go wrong with a glass of wine.






#4: learn


Masterclass online learning platformThere are online classes now for virtually anything you can think of. Have you been meaning to sharpen your cooking skills? Try Udemy for a variety of classes or Masterclass if you prefer to be taught by the best chefs like Gordan Ramsay or Wolfgang Puck. You can even try these classes out for free before you commit to any subscription.


Want to ditch classes on vacation? That’s understandable. Grab a book you’ve been meaning to crack open or listen to an audiobook! If you are not in the mood for books, podcasts are a great option as well. 




#5: stream


The Netflix Show Selling Sunset's cast membersMaybe you're more invested in vegging out on the couch, and honestly same girl, same. Step 1, you need to choose a bingeable series. If you’re into Sci-Fi’s like Black Mirror, give Counterpart on Amazon Prime a try. If you’re into reality meets HGTV, try Selling Sunset on Netflix. Ever wondered what it would be like to live in New York City? Watch Broad City on Crave for a show that will keep you giggling. You can even create your own “drive-in” experience! Download a few episodes at home, head to a park with a blanket and some snacks, and you have your own cinematic experience that everyone at the park will envy.





#6: treat yourself


I think we can all agree that receiving an anticipated package is one of the best feelings. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, but if there’s something you’ve been holding out on, please take this as a pass to get it. Get that blow dryer, buy that spice rack! You deserve it.



#7: do nothing


No need to feel guilty, you’re on vacation!

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