How to manage split ends at home until you can see a professional

How to manage split ends at home until you can see a professional

Irrespective of how well you care for your hair, split ends happen! Of course, certain activities create more breakage than others and certain types of hair are more prone to breakage, but in the end split ends are something we all have to deal with in the days leading up to a fresh cut.


As it’s looking like it’ll be a bit longer until we can get that fresh cut (and our last was way too long ago) we’ve been caring for our split ends at home and decided to share our top three recommendations for rectifying and preventing breakage so you can too.


recommendation #1: a hydrating hair mask

BRIOGEO Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask Ok, so a mask isn’t going to make your hair feel like you’ve just left the salon and it won’t repair your split ends, but it will help prevent future breakage and it’ll also improve the overall health of your hair, making your split ends look less visible.  The key is to select a mask that is ultra-hydrating, and our favourite is the BRIOGEO Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask (Sephora, $46).  This mask is suitable for most hair types and can be used weekly to restore essential hydration and enhance hair’s resilience and strength.  If you’re not interested in making a purchase or you’d like a natural, homemade alternative, try mixing three parts honey to two parts olive oil and applying it to your hair after you shampoo next for up to fifteen minutes.  

Your hair should feel noticeably smoother post-mask!


recommendation #2: try a quick snip


Professional hair cutting scissorsTo be clear, we are not vouching for cutting your own hair.  Stylists are called professionals for a reason – they are trained on how to properly cut and colour! However, there is a relatively simple methodology for snipping off split ends that you can do yourself or instruct a quarantine buddy to do for you if you’re desperate enough and want to prevent breakage from continuing further up the shaft of your hair.  The method involves using your index, middle, and ring finger to weave sections of hair through, which exposes split ends you can easily trim off one or two at a time.  We found this video online, which does the best job of explaining the method.  


This technique will admittedly work best for straight or wavy hair (curly girls, you may need to ask your hairstylist if there is an alternate option for you).  Be sure to have freshly washed and conditioned hair and use hair scissors – the kitchen scissors are not a substitute! You can find proper scissors on Amazon for under $10.


recommendation #3: prevent future breakage

The final tip is to prevent further breakage before it happens.  Here are our top tips:

Be gentle when drying your hair – Aggressive drying with a towel can create a ton of breakage.  Aim to use either a designated hair towel or, our favourite alternative, a quality cotton t-shirt to dry your hair. Both are more gentle alternatives to your bath towel.

Avoid heat – Heat creates breakage, that’s just how it is.  With less time spent in public these days, try going with your natural hair and avoiding the blow drier, straightener, or curler.  Last week we blogged about heat-free hairstyles to try if you still want your hair to look great during quarantine, but you want to avoid your hot styling tools.  If you are continuing to use heat, make sure you’re using a heat protectant product.  Our favourite is ghd's, available at Sephora for $29.


Sleep the right way – Sleeping can be quite stressful for hair, as movement throughout the night tugs at it.  Silk pillowcases are a great alternative to cotton as they allow your hair (and skin) to more gently glide along your pillow as you move.  We also suggest tying your hair up at night with a silk scrunchie.  Make sure you never go to bed with wet hair and also avoid tying your hair up when it’s wet, as wet hair is more fragile and prone to breakage.


And, finally, do not pick at your split ends! It'll just create more breakage and hurt your hair!

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