How to adapt to in-home beauty appointments

How to adapt to in-home beauty appointments

Over the past few months, we’ve all become accustomed to adapting. Adapting to working from home, virtual classes, and generally learning to carry out all aspects of our life from home. A lot of this has been out of necessity and we get it, there’s always some resistance to making a change or doing something for the first time. In this new post-quarantine world of uncertainty, staying home is still the safest option, but of course, we’re all dying to bring some sense of normalcy back into our lives. That’s where we come in. In this blog post, we address why in-home beauty services may be the safer option for you and we’ll also walk you through what a mobile beauty treatment is like so you know what to expect.



Part 1: The pros of mobile beauty appointments


  • There is no need to allocate extra time for travel, commuting, and parking - our beauty professionals come to you. Just sit at home and relax. 
  • In-home beauty appointments significantly reduce your interactions with others: you don’t cross paths with other people while traveling and avoid other customers/professionals who you would normally come in contact with at a salon. Only your professional will be present during your in-home beauty service and each professional is PPE equipped.
  • When you have your beauty appointments at home, you get to enjoy your own ventilated space, or even the ability to have your service done outside if you have that option!
  • There’s no need to remember to pack a change of clothes for a tan or a pair of shoes for a pedicure. These issues just don’t exist with in-home beauty appointments!
  • With in-home beauty services, you can watch your own Netflix (goodbye CP24)! Maybe even crack a bottle of bubbly, or opt to get some work done. For moms, in-home appointments are super convenient because there is no need to arrange for child care.
  • You can book group appointments for you and your friends to all get Primped at the same time! We know this is not an option at salons given the current climate. So, treat you and those in your social bubble to a fun night in of in-home beauty services.

Part 2: How it all works

The way most things operate has inevitably changed over the past few months. We have changed our procedures as well. No worries, you will still receive the same amazing service and results, but we have updated health and safety precautions to ensure both our customers’ and professionals’ safety.


Before an appointment


Cute Cheetah Print Reusable face maskOnce you book an appointment, you will be sent a COVID-19 screening questionnaire that needs to be reviewed before the appointment. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions you’ll, unfortunately, need to cancel your appointment. This is to ensure our professionals’ safety and they complete the same checklist every two weeks. Before the appointment, you must wipe down the surface you’d like to use with proper cleaning supplies. This is all that’s required in advance, so at this point, you can just chill out and wait for your professional to arrive. Upon your professional’s arrival, you’ll need to put on a face mask. Professionals may carry extra face masks if you don’t have one, but it’s likely they won’t, so it’s super important for you to have a mask on-hand. Click the image of the mask on the left if you're looking for some Canadian reusable mask brands to support.


As was the case prior to COVID-19, you’ll also need to ensure you have a table and one or two chairs present for your appointment as well as an electrical outlet nearby.  We always recommend having a well-lit space for your professional to work in – natural light is best!


We know it’s an adjustment having a beauty professional come to your home, especially in these times. But no need to worry, our professionals will come to you fully sanitized. Professionals are required to clean their tools thoroughly at home and use disposable tools where appropriate. The professional will arrive at your home wearing a mask and will wear this until they leave. Before entering your home, the professional will disinfect the exterior of their supply case. Once the case has been disinfected, you can guide the professional to where you want the appointment to take place. They will then lay down a disposable cover onto any surface that they or their products may touch.



During the appointment

Dillon's Distilling 80% alcohol hand sanitizerAt this point, you can sit back and relax! Your professional will sanitize their hands and be wearing gloves throughout the process (except for hair services) as an extra precaution and will also double sterilize their tools in front of you. You'll also need to wash or sanitize your hands.  A number of local companies are now producing hand sanitizer (like Dillon's, $20 per bottle, pictured on the right) and we'd highly suggest supporting them if possible! We encourage customers to do whatever makes them feel most comfortable during the appointment. As mentioned, some use it as an opportunity to get work done, others enjoy watching TV or listening to podcasts, while the remainder enjoys chatting.

Just avoid acting as a host to your beauty professional! It’s natural to feel the need to entertain in your own home, but with our new health and safety precautions, we ask professionals to avoid asking for a glass of water or using customer's washrooms to minimize the number of touchpoints. We ask that customers respect these new standards as well.



After the appointment

Once your services are complete and you’re all glammed up, your professional will clear their workspace and take all the garbage they created with them. So, all you have to do is guide them to the door. You can get right back to your life - no commuting home, no getting stuck in traffic, no picking up the kids from daycare, no worries! 

For more info on in-home beauty appointments, check out our blog post mastering in-home beauty appointments. To see our full-list of COVID-19 policies, check out our FAQ page.


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Primped is an online booking technology that combines the availability of multiple freelance beauty pros who will bring their services to you, meaning you can book appointments according to your schedule and enjoy the convenience of in-home service.