group appointments: how to book safely & make them fun

group appointments: how to book safely & make them fun

With the second wave taking over and establishments closing down again, girls' night out is becoming less and less of a possibility. That said, staying in isn't the worst thing in the world as the temperatures start to dip and we flip into cozy mode! If you're looking for something fun but safe to do with your social bubble, why not plan a girls' night in and enlist Primped to bring some much-needed self-care?! In this blog, we’re discussing how you can safely book group appointments for you and your bubble with tips on how to make the experience even more fun and memorable!


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How it works:

Our pros' and customers' safety is our number one priority and we have a few guidelines in place to ensure the health of everyone involved in an appointment. At this time, we are limiting group appointments to four guests with one pro and we recommend that these guests be part of your household or close social bubble. With that being said, there may be ten people inside the house during the appointment (including kids and other family members) per Toronto Public Health guidlines.


Next, you must ensure that you have an area set-up for the appointment that gives your pro and the guest she is working on an appropriate amount of distance from other guests or individuals in your house. A minimum of 6 feet is required, but we recommend more space, if possible. We ask that you make every effort to keep small children out of this area, though we understand newborns may require special attention. Please always run your situation past your pro in advance should you need to bring a newborn into his/her space.


Finally, masks are required for everyone at all times and everyone must wash their hands before the service starts. Your pro will have new, sterilized tools for each guest but we ask that you do your part and sanitize your surface in between guests, as surface sanitization is the responsibility of the customer.


Now that you’re set to make your Primped experience 100% safe, let’s discuss how to make it as fun as possible!



Fun things to do during your appointment:

lily collins smiling as emily in paris wearing a red hat and black and white plaid jacketBinge a Netflix series/movie! This is our go-to for a lazy night in because it can include all guests in the booking. If a TV is viewable from the service area, that’s perfect! If not, you can download the Google Chrome extension Netflix Party and set-up a laptop in the service area so everyone can tune in together. Our favourite binge-worthy series right now is Emily in Paris.



Wine tasting. There is nothing better than getting your girls together for a casual good time. Sometimes all you really need is a bottle of wine and some conversation.  Have everyone bring a bottle, research it, and do a little presentation/tasting to elevate this idea.  You can swap out wine for beer or even cocktails if these better suit your crew!



Do hand/foot/under eye masks. Guests waiting for their service can make the night super self-care focused with a mask of their choice. Buy a bunch in advance so people can have fun choosing their mask! A DIY recipe to get your hands and feet feeling super hydrated is also a fun touch, with tons of options available online.  You could even provide mason jars so your guests can take extra home for another self-care night in the future! For store bought, we love the Clean Foot Mask (Sephora, $7) from Sephora.  With face masks required, please refrain from a full face mask and stick only to undereye if you're looking for something for the face.



Play cards or a board game! Who else loves a good game night? We’re sure we can’t be the only ones. Why not whip out your favourite board game, like Settlers of Catan or Scrabble, and make girls' night into a friendly competition? The people waiting can start playing and keep tabs of how many wins each person accumulates, then rotate out every time a person starts their Primped service. Other games to consider are Cards Against Humanity or For The Girls, which we’re sure will give everyone in the room a kick!



soft chewy chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the ovenBaking! Self-care, friends AND cookies? Yes, please. Why not make the recipe you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest? And who better to attempt it with than your girlfriends? The guests waiting for their service can start prepping and baking. Whoever is getting a service done will get to enjoy the others' hard work. And hey, if it doesn’t taste good, at least you get an Instagram picture out of it. We found this recipe on Pinterest and the cookies turned out delicious!




Ready to make your girls' night in super memorable? For groups of three and under, you can book your in-home group appointment by visiting our booking page here. Select the services you’d like to receive for yourself and simply add up to two guests when prompted.  For groups of four, you'll need to complete a special request form and our team will get you all set-up!

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