Everything you need to know about in-home spray tanning

Everything you need to know about in-home spray tanning

Spray tanning was one of the most requested services customers wanted us to add to our Primped platform in 2019, but it’s also a service that many have a lot of questions about, especially where it comes to mobile tans.

We’ve learned in recent years about just how damaging the sun’s rays can be and many customers, with this in mind, opt for a spray tan in lieu of laying outside in the sun.  In fact, the busiest months for Spray Tan Technicians are May through to the summer.

In an attempt to demystify the process, we spoke with expert and Spray Tan Technician, Tricia C., and put together her most frequently asked questions and suggestions for best practices.


Most people, especially newbies, are looking to tan in advance of an event and their biggest question surrounds the timeline for booking an appointment.  Tricia’s answer to this is to book 2-3 days in advance of your event for best results.  For bigger or more important events, she suggests booking a test appointment a few weeks out to give you more comfort over the process and ensure you’re achieving your desired tan for the big day. 



Asking “what do I wear” is a completely natural question and the answer largely depends on personal preference.  Generally, Tricia suggests wearing only minimal coverage underwear to prevent awkward tan lines and she carries a disposable version (similar to those you’d receive at a massage but a little teenier) for customers.  That being said, you should wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable and always remember that Spray Tan Technicians are professionals who want to make sure you have not only a great looking tan but a comfortable experience start-to-end.

prep and care. 

As with any service, the more you prepare and care for your skin, the better the outcome.  The following are a few of Tricia’s top tips for optimizing your tan:

1.    Always disclose if you have a sunburn or are peeling in advance of your booking.  At Primped, we collect this information in advance at time of booking with a Spray Tan Technician and it’s important that you answer it truthfully and update us if you become burnt or start to peel.

2.    Make sure you’re caring for you skin in advance by exfoliating and moisturizing

3.    Make sure you engage in hair removal more than 24 hours in advance of your booking

4.    On the day of your booking, don’t use bar soaps or moisturizer and drink plenty of water 

5.    Your first contact with water post-tan should be a rinse with water only

6.    You should continue to hydrate your skin with natural moisturizers and by drinking plenty of water post-tan

Sweating, swimming, and hot water are your tan’s enemies, but don’t let it stop you from having fun – just be aware that these activities can result in pre-mature fading.



It’s normal to assume that in-home spray tanning is going to be logistically complicated and a nightmare to clean up after, but the truth is it’s neither of these things. The set-up includes a tent that shakes to full-size in a few seconds anywhere in your home and use of an industrial fan ensures the solution doesn’t get all over the place.

Pictured to the right is the tent that’s used for your appointment. As you can see, it’s super compact and can be set-up in even the smallest of spaces. Not pictured is the fan on the backside that keeps the mess contained to the tent so you’re not dealing with a clean-up afterward.


The mobile spray tanning booth set up in a clients home

types of tans

There are effectively two different types of tans and an infinite number of shades you can select using either, so really the decision comes down to whether you want your tan to develop quickly or last a few more days. You can opt for either a rapid solution, which will develop in about 4 hours and can last for 5 or more days, or regular solution, which takes about 8 hours to develop and can last 7 or more days (assuming proper care).

The best part about an in-home tan is that it eliminates a lot of the considerations for drying such as:

What to wear after an appointment – you can just toss on a robe!

What to do if it’s precipitating – you don’t need to go outside after!

Preventing transfer to your car interior – there’s no need to drive anywhere!


other considerations 

Since the solution is all-natural, most clients have absolutely no problem getting it off of their fabrics in a worst-case scenario.  For light coloured car interiors however, you should lay a towel down as a preventative measure.

The beauty of a spray tan at home is that you don't need to worry about putting clothes on after (and ruining them) or sitting on a light coloured car interior. There's nowhere to go after your mobile tan, so you can forget having to worry about bringing a proper change of clothes or towels to sit on!

Other questions about spray tanning? Fire them over to us!

To book your next spray tan with Tricia, click here!

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