debunking lash extension myths with an expert

debunking lash extension myths with an expert

We’ve all struggled at one point or another with rolling out of bed and needing to put make-up on in a haste before heading out the door to work, school or some other commitment. This struggle is partially what has led to the explosive popularity of lash extensions in recent years, which allow you to ditch mascara and other eye make-up products and tools from your routine for weeks on end.  If you haven’t checked out our beginner's guide to lash extensions, do so now!


However, along with this popularity comes some criticism and concern.  Below, we delve into the top questions one of our mobile lash techs, Raman G., has come across in her two years in the space that are born completely out of myth.


myth 1: you can't get your lashes wet for 24 hours


For ages we’ve been told not to get our lashes wet for the first 24 hours post-application.  That means no showering, washing your face, going to the gym and sweating it out, using the sauna, swimming… you get the point. According to Raman, though, times have changed.  “Innovation has been made with adhesive and new tools such as a nanometer have emerged, which allow lash extensions to cure by the time your lash artist walks out your door.  If your lash artist is with the times, stronger and quicker lash bonds are eliminating the need to avoid moisture post-appointment”.  Raman suggests consulting with your lash technician to determine if this rule still holds true for his or her work.



myth 2: lashes will fall out quicker if they get wet


“Completely false” claims Raman.  “Cleansing your lashes actually assists with lash retention and combats bacteria build-up, which can cause infection.  Cleansing your lashes daily is highly recommended to remove excess makeup, oil, sweat, and debris from between your lashes.”  But, washing your face with a cleanser is not enough.  A lash routine is required for optimal results, which includes cleansing the lashes with a fluffy make-up brush and an oil-free cleanser such as Marcelle’s 3-in-1.  “If you’re not taking care of your lashes and properly cleaning them, you could be looking at some serious bacteria and infection” urges Raman.



myth 3: lash extensions cause damage to your lashes in the long run


This is the doozey – it’s the single biggest concern we read online and hear from customers.  “But it’s completely untrue” says Raman. “Proper lash application, when combined with after care, will not damage your lashes in the long run.  To avoid damage, your lash artist should be properly isolating lashes, applying lashes with the correct amount of adhesive, and taking lash weight into consideration.” This is why it is extremely important to research your lash technician and make sure you are booking with a certified, trained, and skilled professional such as those listed on Primped. Raman further suggests booking a consultation, especially as a newbie to lash extensions but even periodically if you’re a regular.  With respect to after care and as previously mentioned, proper cleaning is paramount. Additional tips include avoiding cotton pads, eye-make-up, and oil-based products as well as utilizing silk pillowcases. Always pat your face to dry it and avoid wearing eye masks too.


Raman’s fun fact: “Mascara can actually cause more damage in the long run, especially when combined with a lash curler.  Curling your lashes causes stress on the follicles and puts force on them to keep them lifted upwards.  Applying even a little or loads of mascara after this then causes clumping of the lashes, which disturbs their natural growth cycle.  Don’t forget that when the day is done, removal of mascara includes tugging and often times excessive cleansing, which can cause further damage.  Lash extensions, on the other hand, are applied directly on top of lashes creating zero stress.  Each natural lash is individually isolated, so nothing clumps, and the extension is already curled.  There’s nothing to tug at and take off at the end of the day either.  All-in-all, when properly applied and cared for, lash extensions help promote lash health versus traditionally utilized lash products and tools.”



Close up Lash extensions on client   Hybrid Lash extensions applied on client   Volume lash extensions close up on client

All photos of Raman's work.  Owned by her.


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