cures for the winter blues

cures for the winter blues

It’s that time of year when it feels like the snow and cold will just. never. end.  It’s usually around now we feel the need to escape or search for a much-needed pick-me-up to get us out of our mid-winter slump. We put together the below list to cure the winter blues at home!

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embrace the great indoors

Making your space cozy and welcoming can be a good start to readjusting your mindset at this time of year. There’s a few things we use at home and the office (yes, the office) to make a winter’s day feel a little warmer.

1. Candles: And lots of them. Our favourites are DW Naturals coconut wax blended candles.

2. Cuddle up: Sweaters, throws, snuggles. Whatever your jam, keeping warm is definitely a good step in making the indoors your happy place. Indigo has some great ones that, like everything else right now, are on sale.

3. Good reads: We love reading, especially in the winter.  Below are our top three books heading into 2019.

Not a reader? Just watched the Netflix documentary Minimalism and it was good stuff. Check it!

fake the vacation

Maybe you’re running low on vacation days or, more realistically, cash to fund a vacation. Same. Why not recreate that vacation glow and maybe, just maybe, trick your mind into thinking you went away? Honestly, we’ll try anything at this time of year…

1. A spray tan: Don’t let your mind wander to images of oompa loompas or the echoing of “GTL, GTL!”.  If you don’t already know, spray tan technology and formulation has come a long way in recent years to offer a natural, safe way to appear more tanned.  In addition, we now offer mobile spray tanning, so you can tan and chill right in the comfort of your home with zero mess. 

Considering a spray tan? Check out our blog post everything you need to know about mobile spray tanning. You can also check out our FAQ page for the basics.
If you’re a spray tanning veteran you can head over to our Body booking pages to book yours today.

2. Switch up your hair colour: Sunlight has a way of changing our hair colour in ways the salon just can’t.  As blondes, we’ve found DRYBAR’s Blonde Ale Brightening Shampoo (Sephora, $34) combined with any inexpensive drug store conditioner to noticeably lighten our hair, but results can vary depending on your existing highlights.  A drastic hair cut or texturing can do the trick too, if you’re feeling brave.

3. Moisturize: We’ve dedicated an entire blog post to this, but making sure we stay hydrated is key for us in beating the dull, dry months of winter.  One of our newest favourite products is The Ordinary’s Cold Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil (The Ordinary, $9.90).  We’ve long used the company’s affordable products but this is a new addition to our nightly routine that hydrates and nourishes the skin’s immediate layers. 

or, just get outside!

There are plenty of fun things to do in the Toronto and surrounding area over the winter.  Here’s a few…

Brewmaster’s Dinners @ Craft Beer Market: Rep your neighbourhood brewery at these head-to-head dinner series.

Winterlicious: Running again and always a Toronto classic. Almost over though, so hurry!

ROM’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year: Cool pics of animals doing animal things. If you’re outdoorsy or just want to look at pictures of warmer climates, this could be a fun outing for you.

Snowshowing: Remember last week when we got slammed with snow and people were cross-country skiing to work? Sort of funny, but we think they may be on to something. Snowshoeing is super fun and a good way to get outside when it’s snowy. There’s not much snow right now, so heading up to the Muskokas may be your best bet and, not to mention, a nice way to spend a day or even a weekend. Also, fat biking sounds hilarious and looks fun. We may try that.

Skating and a DJ at Wayne Gretzky Estates: Self explanatory and hilarious if you’re willing to venture to Niagara.

A Wellness Retreat: Lots of options here, not all about getting ~zen~.

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