creating a stress-free holiday season

creating a stress-free holiday season

The holidays can be a busy time of year, especially if you’re the last-minute type – guilty! This year we’re making a hard effort to take the stress out of the holidays and clear more time to be present and enjoy the season.  Below are a few of the resolutions and tips we’ve prepared to help us get there – we’re sharing these in hopes that they can be helpful to you too!


Have a tip you don’t see listed? Hit us up and we’ll update the list!


resolution 1: shop early and online

We haven’t always been the best at getting our Christmas shopping done too promptly.  We always have the best intentions to get everything purchased and wrapped in time but then we find ourselves running to the mall 3, 4 times due to poor planning.  This year, we’ve prepared our Christmas list early and are aiming to have everything at least purchased by December 1.  A lot of the items we’re shopping for are online and can be shipped for free directly to our door.  We’re clearly fans of not needing to leave home for the “need to dos” in life, so this really works for us…


Pro tip: These days, you can even order you cards, stationary, and gift wrap online on sites like Indigo and Papyrus.



resolution 2: streamline the party schedule & to-dos

Yes, we like to host a good old-fashioned holiday party.  And yes, we’re often caught running around like a hurricane preparing for it as our friends are rolling in.  We’re also that friend that needs to stop on the way to a party to pick up the “thanks for having us” bottle of wine.  Our second resolution this year is to be a bit more prepared with the chaos that is hosting and attending holiday parties.  Our plan is to do a tally of all the parties and events we have to go to and do one (yes, one) single gift wine run.  Bonus if we can remember to grab the gift bags there too… In addition, we’re going to do our best to prepare food, drinks and more in advance of our own holiday party.  One of our biggest pet peeves specifically is needing to run to the bar to mix a cocktail every time a friend gets a little thirsty.  With that in mind, we’ve found two amazing recipes for cocktails you can batch-prepare and that actually taste better if you make them in advance. Check them out – Holiday Sangria & Boozy Apple Cider.



resolution 3: outfit repeat (yes, you read that right)


Ok this we are actually good at.  We will wear the same thing twice or more, sometimes even if it involves the same guests. Cringe if you will, we’re just all for getting to #30wears.  You don’t need to be as extreme as we are – it can be as simple as buying a few pieces that mix and match well to create more than one look.  Not an expert at this? Us either.  We like to take advantage of the experts at Nordstrom, who you can set up a personal styling appointment with to nail down your holiday looks.  Another option is to visit our friends at The Fitzroy, where you can rent beautiful designer pieces for any occasion.  There may be a special Primped surprise waiting for you there if you do…



resolution 4: get Primped!


Let Primped get you holiday ready from the comfort of your own home!  It’s hard enough running all the errands you need to run at this time of year and honestly, when it gets dark by 5pm and the snow starts sticking to the ground, we’re not going anywhere anyway.  


Primped’s vetted, client-rated, and reviewed professionals will come to you for all of your mobile beauty services needs: hairstyling and make-up for your next event, that long overdue brow wax, a mobile holiday manicure, you name it!  Browse and book with our amazing professionals on our webpage or mobile app today!


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