cold weather saviours for your skin + beyond.

cold weather saviours for your skin + beyond.

For us, winter is. a. struggle. As the temperature dips, our bodies – and skin in particular – really feel its drying effect. Over the years, we’ve finally come to the realization that our routines need to change to account for the change in temperature.  The following tips have saved our skin and hair in the past and we hope they help you out this winter too.

hydrate from the inside out.

Corkcicle Portable Liquid Bottle in Copper

Drink lots of water: This is true all year round, but especially so in the dry winter months. We like to start every single day with a glass of water immediately to get our bodies in the habit of drinking water for the day.  Keeping a water bottle at your desk is also key and we’ve found that the bigger the bottle, the more we drink.  Our favourite bottle, Corkcicle, is actually meant for wine (shocker), so it fits 750mL easily and keeps the temperature exactly where you like it for hours.  We love the copper bottle, available online for $37.95.   

Swap coffee for tea: Another tip is to kick the coffee habit in the winter months, or at least substitute your second coffee each day for a green tea.  Green tea does not have quite as much caffeine as coffee but there’s some evidence to suggest that green tea is less dehydrating than coffee. 

Eat hydrating foods: Opt for foods that pack more hydration in the winter months. Read: eat your veggies. Vegetables like cucumber, celery, and iceberg lettuce are great for hydrating and come with obvious other benefits from a dietary perspective.  If you prefer fruit, watermelon and strawberries are good sources of water as well.

use a humidifier.

Fancii portable humidifier in white

Humidifiers are a lifesaver, and they don’t need to be an industrial-sized machine to have an effect.  Our favourite humidifier, made by Objecto and available for $169.99 at The Bay, doubles as an essential oil diffuser. We keep this diffuser running at home and while we sleep.  To humidify the air 24/7, at work we use the Fancii Portable Humifier, which is small and easily hooks up to a plastic water bottle as a water source.  This little guy is available on Amazon for $29.99.

switch up your facecare routine accordingly.

Hydrate facial serum by Niu Body

We spoke to our friends at NIU BODY, which is a Toronto-based company that produces completely natural facecare products at an affordable price point, for their top winter skincare tips.  Their first suggestion was to incorporate an oil-based moisture source into your skincare routine.  A product like their Hydrate Facial Serum ($36 online) is a customer favourite for this.  In addition, the ladies at NIU BODY also recommend introducing a lip scrub, like their Sugar Lip Polish ($13 online), to exfoliate dead skin and soften your pout.  They advise against using any overly drying products in the winter months, especially those that are alcohol-based, and using a hydrating face mask 1-2x per week.  Our favourite tip? Don’t forget your SPF in the winter months! Harmful rays are still at work in the winter, so you’ll want to make sure you’re protecting your skin year-round.  Tip: You can also purchase NIU BODY products at select retailers in the city and beyond.

but it’s not all about your face.

Rocky Mountain Soap Co.’s Minty Eucalyptus Bath Bomb

For your body: Don’t forget about the skin on the rest of your body! Our favourite winter ritual is incorporating an oil into bath time.  The best (and most fun) product we’ve found is Rocky Mountain Soap Co.’s Minty Eucalyptus Bath Bomb ($5.95 in store or online), which is contains coconut oil and cocoa butter to moisturize your skin right in the tub.  The eucalyptus scent also helps to clear breathing passages for that inevitable winter cold virus…

For your hands: We load up on hand cream during the winter and keep one on the night table, one in the purse, and one on the desk.  Our favourite on-the-go cream is Rocky Mountain Soap Co.’s Omega 3 Hand Cream in Lemongrass ($11.95 in store or online), which is small enough to toss in your bag/store on your desk.  For nighttime, we prefer Aveda’s hand relief ($34 for 4.2 fl. oz. online).

For your hair: Static, limp, just generally sad looking winter hair.  We fall victim to it every year.  Most of us don’t change our haircare routine in the winter despite winter hair symptoms.  Try incorporating a hydrating mask into your haircare routine.  We like Aveda’s Dry Remedy Moisturizing Mask ($50 online).  Use this mask once per week (or more/less depending on your hair) for 5 minutes at a time.  Tip: Tie your hair in a low bun while treating with the mask to prevent it from rinsing out prematurely in the shower.

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