cheap alternatives for your favourite high-end beauty products.

cheap alternatives for your favourite high-end beauty products.

We love a good cult favourite beauty product (they are, after all, cult favourites for a reason) but we don't always love the associated price tag.  So, we went out in search of the best dupes for the most buzzed about, best-selling beauty products and trends on the market. Whether you shop "cheap" exclusively or like to balance your splurges with steals, we think you'll find some great alternatives below.

like Le Labo's Santal 33? try Miu Miu's L'eau Bleue.

Le Labo's Santal 33 versus Miu Miu's L'eau Bleue scents

Chances are you've walked by someone on the streets of Toronto wearing Le Labo's Santal 33 scent.  Like most, we love this musky fragrance for daytime and nighttime alike and we're seriously into the easy-to-use-and-carry rollerball trend.  What we don't love about Le Labo's liquid balm is the price tag of $110.  Cue Miu Miu's L'eau Bleue.  This rollerball is offered at a fraction of the price and offers the same earthy, musky notes as Santal 33.  You can purchase Miu Miu's L'eau Bleue at Sephora for $35.

like NARS' Orgasm Illuminator? try NYX's Born to Glow!

NARS' Orgasm Illuminator and  NYX's Born to Glow liquid highlighter

The "glowed up" look is here to stay, and we're all for that.  Gone are the days of a matte or powdery skin finish and given that summer is here, we wanted to find an alternative to one of our favourite illuminator's - NARS' Orgasm Illuminator ($39).  NYX's Born to Glow! proved to be an fantastic substitute.  The beauty world is raving about NYX in general as a quality alternative to pricier make-up brands and at $11, this illuminator is an affordable option to give you that healthy glow.  The product is lightweight, easy to use, and comes in a four different options (we prefer gleam).  You can purchase NYX's Born to Glow! at any NYX store or online.

like Living proof's Perfect hair Day dry shampoo? try Dove's Refresh+Care dry shampoo.

Livingproof's Perfect hair Day dry shampoo and Dove's Refresh+Care dry shampoo

Whether you just crushed your workout or are flat out too lazy to wash your hair, dry shampoo is the ultimate alternative to combat the oily appearance and odour of day (or days) old hair.  Living proof's Perfect hair Day dry shampoo ($30) is one of our favourites because it really makes our hair feel cleaner.  But, we resort to dry shampoo so often that we were going through bottles of the product monthly and the cost was adding up, so we decided to try a cheaper drug store alternative. The Refresh+Care dry shampoo by Dove is a viable, less expensive option though we did find the smell to be a bit overpowering and it didn't provide that same clean feeling that Living proof does.  We use a combo of the two, to balance a splurge with a steal depending on the occasion.  You can pick up Dove's Refresh+Care at any major drugstore, but Walmart retails the product for $4.48.

like Chanel's Le Vernis in Verde Pastello? try Essie's polish in Empower Mint.

Essie's polish in Empower Mint is the dupe for Chanel's Le Vernis in Verde Pastello nail colour

Pastels are in this season and it seems that almost every major nail polish producer is coming out with a fun spin on these spring-y shades.  We have to admit that we aren't nail polish snobs and if we weren't gifted Chanel's Verde Pastello nail polish, we probably never would have paid $32 for it.  That being said, we love the sea-foam green pastel shade so we took to the drug store shelves to scour the perfect dupe and came out with Essie's Empower Mint from their Summer 2018 collection.  Essie's version is a little bit lighter than Chanel's but it still provides the same on-trend pastel look at around $11.  Pick it up at your local drug store or order it online.

like Fenty Beauty's Fairy Bomb? try Lush's Shimmy Shimmy.

Lush's Shimmy Shimmy is the dupe for Fenty Beauty's Fairy Bomb

Full disclosure, we have never tried Fenty Beauty's Fairy Bomb, but that's because we don't want to spend $52 on a body shimmer.  Instead, we discovered Lush Cosmetics' Shimmy Shimmy product.  What we like about this product is that it also serves as a moisturizer while giving us that shimmery, shiny body glow.  This product is packed with coco and shea butter and practically melts on your skin.  It also costs only $8.95 at any Lush Cosmetics location or online - what a steal!

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