Aromatherapy: The key to focus and relaxation?

Aromatherapy: The key to focus and relaxation?

When it comes to wellness practices, it seems that there are endless solutions to boosting your wellbeing and happiness. All these solutions can come in many different shapes and sizes, but one practice we’ve been seeing everywhere recently is aromatherapy. Forget those reed sticks dipped in scented oils, there’s a far more refined way of scenting the air for your benefit. The goal of aromatherapy is to enhance your wellbeing both physically and psychologically by using scents to stimulate certain responses. In this blog, we’re discussing the benefits of aromatherapy, how to use essential oils and providing different ways you can incorporate aroma into your everyday. If you’re looking for new ways to balance and heal yourself, keep reading!



benefits of aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy has endless benefits and isn’t exclusive to any one group of people. Inhalation of certain scents has long been known to stimulate your hypothalamus, which regulates important body functions like sleep and emotional response. Once the scent reaches your hypothalamus, the stimulus of scent travels through your limbic system and into your hippocampus, the part of your brain that’s responsible for memory. This is why you may associate different scents with different memories, but it’s also what allows your body to react to the healing powers of aromatherapy. If you suffer from any of the following, aromatherapy may help:


  • Muscle or Joint Pain: If you suffer from aches and pains from exercising or strenuous activity, try oils like wintergreen, peppermint, juniper, or rosemary, as they are great for relieving tense muscles.
  • Sleep problems: If you struggle to get to sleep or find you can't stay asleep, relaxing oils such as lavender, ylang-ylang and vetiver can help.
  • Stress: During these times, stress is at an all-time high. If you’ve tried every other remedy in the book, it may be time to try aromatherapy. Relaxing scents like lavender, sweet basil, and chamomile are a few of our favourite oils that keep our stress levels at bay.
  • PMS: If your time of the month includes mood swings and intense cramps, try using clary sage, lavender, and frankincense, as they help with period symptoms by balancing out hormones.
  • Skincare – As skincare junkies, we will try anything if it’s said to produce skin benefits. Scents like frankincense can help to even out skin tone and tea tree oil can help treat acne concerns.

Please note that we do not recommend any of the above to treat severe health concerns.  You should always consult your doctor or relevant healthcare professional for severe and chronic pain, severe sleep problems, anxiety, etc.



how to use essential oils:

virtruvi blush stone essential oil diffuser sitting on table with a mirror and two essential oilsInhalation:
There are many different ways you can incorporate essential oils into your every day. The most popular way is to use a diffuser so you can inhale the benefits in any location. You can set up a diffuser on your desk while you work to reduce stress, on your bedside table to aid with sleep and maybe even next to your couch because why not? We love the Virtruvi Stone Diffuser because of its range of colours and ability to look good in every space! If you don’t have a diffuser, you can consider dry evaporation. All you need to do is place a few drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and let it sit in a bowl near you. You can also make a scented water-based spray with your oils. You’ll just need to get a spray bottle, mix 10-15 drops of essential oil to one ounce of water, and generously spritz the room of your choice to enjoy your aromatherapy session!

Saje extra strength roll on oil being applied to a womans thigh who is wearing blue shorts and a grey long sleeve shirtTopical use:
This is a more direct, potent approach to aromatherapy. Try adding essential oils to your bath for a spa-like experience, as the heat of the water will allow you to inhale the benefits. If you’re always on the go, try applying your essential oil of choice to your temples. The benefits of the essential oil will seep through your skin and you will also be able to smell the soothing scent wherever you go. Another option is to add essential oil to your body lotion. Your body becomes the diffuser here as it heats the oil and releases the scent into the air.  Whatever you do, be mindful of concentration and consider purchasing an essential oil that’s intended for skin (like Saje's roll-on oils, we love the Extra Strength pain-relieving oil) and, as always, spot test before widespread application to the skin.


where to find aromatherapy supplies?

There is no shortage of places to find aromatherapy supplies today. There are countless varieties of essential oils available and we suggest you do research beforehand to find the best blend of products that will work for you. Before buying aromatherapy products, make sure they are made especially for this purpose. Some items may be labelled as aromatherapeutic but contain artificial ingredients that could do more harm than good. Always look for 100% pure essential oils! Great places to shop for oils and accessories are Saje, Virtruvi and Aromatech. Typically, natural health food stores carry essential oils as well!





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