7 ways to deal with the winter blues

7 ways to deal with the winter blues

The leaves have fallen and the air is getting colder and as Canadians we know all too well what that means… winter is just around the corner. With shorter days and more time being spent indoors, it can be a struggle to maintain a happy, healthy mindset. Are you feeling unmotivated, fatigued and depressed for no apparent reason? You’re not alone. These are all symptoms of the winter blues and it’s common to feel down as the reduced sunlight causes a reduction of serotonin in our brain, disrupting our body’s natural circadian rhythm. While this winter slump is no fun for anyone, we’ve rounded up some tips for you to cure your winter blues at home!



1. get outside


girls gotta eat podcast cover with rayna greenberg and ashley hesseltineGoing for a stroll in the winter may seem like more of a daunting task than a fun activity but push yourself to bundle up and get out there because it can help to reduce stress by releasing endorphins. One trick we use to get us outside in chillier temperatures is to get dressed as soon as we get out of bed. That way, we’ve already taken the first step to prepare for going outside and the rest that follows will seem far less challenging! Try to make a daily walk a habit by flipping on a podcast on your walk! One of our favourite feel-good podcasts is “Girls Gotta Eat”. We often find ourselves extending our walk so we can listen to the whole episode!



2. turn on a light

naturebright plus sun light therapy lampWe are very much sun worshippers, so the lack of sun in the winter months greatly influences our mood. Try to increase the amount of light in your home by first making sure all the curtains are open during the day to let in the little natural sunlight we do get. Secondly, make your space cozy with accent lights. We rarely use overhead lights because they can be harsh, so we prefer to have multiple floor/table lamps on in the dark hours to make our home feel warmer and more inviting. If you’re also a person who thrives off of natural sunlight, try a light therapy lamp, like this NatureBright lamp (Amazon, $82.24). Light therapy is a great way to balance your body’s clock in the winter and boost your overall mood. You can set the light to wake you up in the morning or use it to brighten up a dark home office.



3. make a safe space

Another way to lighten up your mood is by making a safe, mood-enhancing space in your home. For us, this space is the vanity where we do our nighttime skincare routine. We like to light candles and put on a relaxing playlist while we do our nighttime skincare. For us, this is a small luxury and enjoying the space we created for our nighttime routine always enhances our mood before bed. Whatever space you choose, decluttering it is an important first step, as streamlining your possessions helps to relieve anxiety. If you’re looking for some help decluttering your skincare and make-up space, check out our blog simple steps for decluttering, cleaning, and organizing your make-up and skincare.



4. get an indoor hobby

masterclass cover photoKeep yourself occupied with a fun indoor hobby! Having a hobby to look forward to in the evenings will help keep your mind engaged and add some fun and variety to your days. Some great hobbies include reading, painting, cooking or even learning a new language. There is so much variety in regard to what you can learn online now! A great resource is Masterclass where you can learn from the world’s best. Learn how to cook restaurant recipes from Gordan Ramsay or dive into Fashion Design with Marc Jacobs - the options are endless!



5. got it down

the five minute journal book The last thing we want when we’re feeling down is another entry on our to-do list. With that being said, small actions can have great rewards. We’ve found that journaling and meditating is a gentle mood-booster that helps us out anytime we’re in a slump. Journaling allows you to check in with yourself, vent and create goals. Getting into journaling is also a great way to introduce yourself to manifestation. The more you write down your goals, see them and affirm them, the more likely you are to achieve them. Having a cute journal is also a great accent to any space and our go-to is The Five Minute Journal (Indigo, $26.95). This journal is great because if writing your thoughts and feelings on a blank page seems daunting, The Five Minute Journal includes daily affirmations and list-prompts that encourage you to reflect and is the perfect journal for beginners.



6. reach out

toronto's fresh paint studio logoIsolating yourself can have adverse effects on your mental health. Quarantine was doable in the spring and summer months because nice weather was around for us to enjoy. We think we speak for all of us, though, when we say lockdown will be much more difficult in the winter months. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends or family when you’re feeling down. Try setting up a weekly Zoom call with your friends to catch up and keep each other in the loop or opt for a Zoom-friendly mood-boosting activity to do together like a work-out, baking or painting! Check out Toronto's Fresh Paint Studio, who is offering virtual paint night where a pro will guide you step-by-step via Zoom on how to complete your version of the featured image. All you need is paint supplies! No supplies on hand? No sweat. Fresh Paint also gives you the option to pick up a paint kit from their studio or opt for free delivery to a Toronto address.

7. treat yourself

manicured hands with gold rings half nude half black nail art done by primped pro nail tech ReneeOne great way to relieve the feeling of winter blues is through self-care and what better way to treat yourself than by indulging in an at-home mani/pedi! Why not invite your close social circle over as well for a girls’ night in and enlist Primped to bring some much-needed self-care? A Primped group appointment is a fun but safe activity to do with your social bubble (you can read more about group appointments and how to book them safely here)! Enjoying an at-home nail appointment is like bringing the spa to you.  All you have to do is provide a designated, clean space and sit back and relax. We think that having cute nails is an automatic mood booster too, especially in these times where living in sweatsuits is the norm! (Nail art in photo done by our nail technician Renee)



Ready to book an in-home nail appointment? Head to our nail page to book with one of our professional nail technicians. All of our nail techs are mobile, meaning they will travel to you so you can enjoy your manicure at home, saving you the trouble and hassle of having to book and travel to a salon. Our nail techs are also completely PPE outfitted to ensure your safety!




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