6 skincare tips for transitioning to colder weather

6 skincare tips for transitioning to colder weather

As Canadians, we know all too well how harsh and cold the winters can get. The icy air, cold winds, and sitting inside a heated space all day can really dry and dull out your skin and in the winter, in particular, it's important to adapt your skincare routine to the changing weather.  In a colder environment, those lightweight gel moisturizers for example, just won’t cut it anymore! To make sure you keep that glow year-round, we’re giving you some tips on how to transition and change your routine for colder weather.



1. Opt for a gentle cleanser

Soy Face Cleanser by FreshIn the winter months, you’ll want to keep your skin barrier as strong as possible. One way you can do this is by switching out your heavy-duty facial cleanser for a gentler, creamier one. Depending on your skin type, this swap may be all you need when it comes to helping your skin adjust to decreased humidity and cooler temperatures. You should also avoid cleansing your skin too regularly, as this can strip your skin of its natural moisture and cause it to either start to flake or overproduce oil. Our go-to gentle cleanser is the Soy Makeup Removing Face Wash by Fresh (Sephora, $49), which we in the evenings only. Since our skin tends to get extremely dry in the winter, instead of using our cleanser in the morning, we opt for a cotton pad with micellar water to wipe off any oil our skin produced overnight. After all, our nighttime skincare routine is extensive, so why wash it off when you wake up?




2. Use a heavier moisturizer

The moisturizer Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream by Youth to the PeopleWe love our lightweight water-based moisturizer in the summer months because it easily absorbs into our skin. During the colder months, however, it’s best to use a moisturizer that doesn’t absorb as easily, as you want something that forms a physical barrier to trap moisture inside the skin and protect against the dryness that the cold brings. With this in mind, consider opting for a heavier moisturizer in the winter, something more comparable to a cream than a lotion. Cream moisturizers are more oil-based than water and oil is the key element that helps to create that physical barrier. Last year, our go-to winter moisturizer was the Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream with Ashwagandha + Reishi by Youth To The People (Sephora, $75) and we can’t wait to start using it again this year. It’s super moisturizing but didn’t make our oily skin more oily, which is hard to find with cream moisturizers!




3. Layer, layer, layer


The facial oil Pure cold-pressed rose hip oil by Good MoleculesLayering clothes isn't the only type of layering you should consider in the winter. Layering your skincare products is important too, as it helps to create that protective layer on your skin and locks in moisture. We love layering our skincare year-round with toners, serums and moisturizers, though in the wintertime we like to add a facial oil to our routine to deeply hydrate our skin. Our favourite face oil has been rosehip seed oil as it helps to tone the skin and boosts elasticity. We love the Good Molecules Pure Cold-Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil (Beautylish, $14), though many other brands sell rosehip oil as well.





4. Exfoliate less


The exfoliator 2% BHA liquid exfoliate by paula's choiceWe thought we finally beat our acne struggles, but then came maskne… Like many of you probably have too, we’ve been struggling with maskne these past few months and have been incorporating exfoliating into our routines more regularly to try and combat it. With winter approaching though, it’s best to cut back on exfoliating as over-exfoliating can cause excessive dryness. Try to limit exfoliation down to one or two times per week to avoid over-drying your skin. You don’t want to cut out exfoliating all together though, because even in the dead of winter it’s important to exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells! The exfoliator we love is the 2% Liquid Exfoliant by Paula’s Choice ($29.50, Paula's Choice), it’s been amazing at taming maskne breakouts and making our skin more smooth and bright.




5. Cut down on bathing time and temperature


The dry brush G.Tox Ultimate dry brush from GoopWhile a nice, long, hot bath may sound like the perfect night in, especially on the coldest days, try to avoid long baths or showers. The more time your skin is exposed to a humid environment, the more your skin is stripped of its natural moisture. While a long, hot shower may be nice in the moment, it will leave your skin drier than it was before. Instead of spending more time in the bath or shower, try dry brushing instead! It’s a great way to help stimulate blood flow and exfoliate and you can use this technique to give yourself an at-home lymphatic drainage massage. It’s also super relaxing to do before bed,  Our dry brush is from the Detox Market and is the G.Tox Ultimate Dry Brush by Goop (Detox Market, $28).





6. Don't skip your lips


The lip scrub Agave+ Weekly Vegan lip scrub by bite beautyLayering on lip balm is a must in the winter, but we also recommend exfoliating your lips once a week to smooth out any dead skin cells that build up. With masks being a must now, exfoliating your lips is super important because masks create an environment for bacteria to form. Wiping away the built-up bacteria and dead skin with a lip scrub is our favourite way to exfoliate our lips. We love the Bite Beauty Agave+ Weekly Vegan Lip Scrub (Sephora, $29) and use it once a week at night.  We then apply our Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (Sephora, $26) every night before bed to keep our lips moisturized 24/7.

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