6 Halloween make-up looks for every skill level

6 Halloween make-up looks for every skill level

Halloween is definitely one of our favourite holidays and we like to go all out with our costumes. This year, however, we'll likely be moving our Halloween fun to Zoom, so we’ve put together six Halloween make-up looks for your virtual Halloween party that are sure to impress. Whether you consider yourself a beauty newbie or a pro, we’ve included looks for every skill level along with tutorials and products you can use to achieve each look. So before you show up to your Halloween party bare-faced, give the below a read! If it doesn’t turn out perfectly, chances are no one will be able to tell through the screen!



Beginner DIY Looks:

1. Halloween heart eyeliner

halloween black heart eyeliner makeup on girl with red lipstickThis is one of the simplest Halloween looks we’ve seen. All you need is a liquid eyeliner like Sephora Collection's Long Lasting Eyeliner (Sephora, $16). You can use an eyeliner that is the same colour as your eyes or opt for a pair of black contacts to create a super spooky look! Start by figuring out where your irises naturally fall in relation to your eyelid. Then, place two dots on your upper eyelid to mark where the arches of the heart will go and one dot on your lower lash line to mark the bottom of the heart. You can then start carefully filling in the shape of the heart to complete the look.  Pro tip: Skip the mascara so you don’t cover up your art! (Inspo from IG @designdain).



2. Devil eye make-up

halloween beginner devil eye make-up look on girlFor this eye make-up look, the devil is in the details. All you'll need is red eyeshadow and a red lip liner plus eyeliner and lashes of your preference. You’ll want to start with a crisp cut crease. (Not sure what a cut crease is? Check this explanation). Effectively, you'll want to apply the dark red shadow above and in your crease, then use a concealer to “cut” your crease, following the groove of your eye to do this. Then apply the lighter red eyeshadow over the concealer and on the rest of your lid. Once you’re done with the eyeshadow, take a red lip liner to draw little horns above your brow, a tail below your bottom lashes and you're good to go! (Inspo from IG @esmeraldagudino).




Advanced DIY Looks

3. Wonder women comic-inspired make-up

nikkie tutorials wonder woman comic inspired halloween makeupWe love this look because it’s Zoom-proof - you'll look like a super realistic comic and your friends will probably ask how you animated yourself. This look is a little more advanced due to the details involved, but nothing a seasoned make-up enthusiast can’t tackle. You’ll want to start with a solid glam base across foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, highlighter and brows. Additional products you’ll need include a brown eyeshadow palette, gold eyeshadow, red lipstick, white and black eyeliner and a steady hand. Check Nikkie Tutorials video for a full description on how to achieve this look as well as the exact products used here!






4. Spooky Halloween make-up

spooky halloween makeup on girl If you’re indecisive like us and can never choose a look, keep this make-up in mind! All you need to achieve it is a black liquid eyeliner and an eyeshadow palette with dark and smokey colours. This look requires a bit of face painting which is why we labelled it advanced, but anyone can nail it with some patience. Watch this 10-ish minute tutorial on how to achieve the look here. If you’re looking to spook for your friends, this is the look for you!








Professional looks

5. Mermaid make-up

halloween mermaid makeup on girl with blue heair wearing sea shellsSome of you are going to want to take Halloween to the next level and for that, you'll likely need a professional make-up artist who'll come stocked with all of the more out-there products needed to achieve an advanced look. One of our favourites is the mermaid face because it's super easy to put the remaining costume together, with make-up really being the star! Your professional will use fishnet stockings to achieve this as well as a couple of other top-secret hacks. (Inspo from Youtube, MonicaRoseMUA)









6. Skull make-up

spooky skull halloween face make-up on womanOk, but how good is the skull look? No matter what your plans are, you’re bound to stand out on Halloween with this spooky face! For this look, your professional will come stocked with white face paint, a flat foundation brush, black face paint, an angled eyeliner brush, a fluffy eyeshadow brush, black eyeshadow and one very steady hand! (Inspo from YouTube, Chrisspy)








Opting for a more advanced look? We got you. Book an in-home make-up application with one of our professional make-up artists here! They will come to you with all the supplies needed to achieve your look.  Full PPE and COVID-19 protocol will be in effect! 

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