5 holiday nail colours we love

5 holiday nail colours we love

We’re nail girls – nails are our thing.  It’s the one beauty service we can’t go without and honestly, as #lazygirls, it’s kind of our only accessory.  As we begin to contemplate that perfect holiday manicure, we've rounded up our favourite nail colours for the holiday season - from classic and traditional to cool and unique.  Whatever your preference, we think you’ll find something below you’ll love. 


colour 1: OPI's Envy the Adventure


Inspo: Christmas tree green.  We love deep, dark colours for winter but often grow tired of the maroons and dark purples.  Enter, dark green.  This is our personal favourite because it’s a bit edgy but still basic enough to wear day-to-day. We recently featured a manicure using a very similar shade by CND on our IG, so you're likely to find this green across a range of different polish brands from regular to gel.  Looking to add an edge? Consider using this shade on your tips as a french manicure for an ultra-cool and festive look!



colour 2: Essie's Really Red


Inspo: Classic holly red.  You really can't go wrong with this classic shade of red at any point throughout the year, let alone the holidays! This is one of our favourite classic red shades because of how much pop it packs and how little layering it requires compared to some other red shades.  Looking to add an edge? Consider a geometric manicure using this shade and a nude, using a variation of lines both horizontal and vertical placed at different points on each nail.



colour 3: Chanels's Profondeaur


Inspo: Sugarplum purple. A dark classic for the winter season, we love this shade.  There's just something about the perfect maroon shade to get you through the colder months! Looking to add an edge? While this shade is naturally quite matte, consider using a matte topcoat similar to the picure below to really remove the shine from this look!



colour 4: CND's Ballroom Baubles


Inspo: Holiday ornament gold.  This is a much more yellowy-gold than we've been feeling in the past, but we're kind of digging it! If there's any time of the year to venture out into a super-metallic, it's the holidays and New Years! To tone this look down a bit, consider using it only as an accent on a couple of nails on each hand.  Looking to add an edge? It can be hard to play with this colour without things becoming overwhelming, however a simple gem placed near the nailbed of each nail creates a cool jewelry-inspired look.



colour 5: CND's Flashy Affair


Inspo: New Years’ ball-drop shine.  Full sparkle, this manicure will carry you right through into your New Years’ party (or Netflix binge, whatever works for you).  This polish is typically meant to be layered on top of a colour, but with the nude trend still in full-force, it's just as cool on it's own. Looking to add an edge? This polish looks super cool used in an ombre effect by building it up substantially towards the tip of the nail and gradually fading it out towards the middle of the nail.



OPI's Envy the Adventure dark green nail polish  Essie's Really Red nail polish  Chanels's Profondeaur dark brown nail polish  CND's Ballroom Baubles sparkly nail polish  CND's Flashy Affair sparkly nail polish

Images not owned by Primped.  Cover image courtesy of Nail It! Magazine.


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