An in-home pedicure may just be the most underrated mood boost. Sure, your manicure may be more Instagram-worthy, but your cute, coloured toenails create a different, more personal kind of joy, especially when you don’t need to leave your couch. And who said nail art is limited to your hands? Toes need some love too! Now that we’re finally trading in our house slippers for sandals, there’s no better time for an in-home pedicure with a pop of nail art. We’re showcasing some of our favourite pedicure nail trends below, feel free to use them as inspo for your next in-home appointment!


1: Big-toe nail art


Ombre nail art done on the big toe while rest of toes are painted pinkYour big toe is the perfect canvas for nail art as it offers such a large space! We like matching the rest of our toes with the big-toe art, as shown in the photo to the right. It just makes everything look more cohesive. Ombre nails have been trending all year, so why not take this look to your toes? Using bright colours like in the photo is a great way to make your tan stand out in the summer, it also attracts more eyes to your beautifully painted toes. You don’t have to limit the nail art to ombre, opt for whatever you’re feeling, maybe it's polka dots, stripes, or plaid - the options are endless!





2: French pedicure


Yellow french tip pedicure Like you may have seen in our previous blog 4 nail trends taking over our Instagram this summer, we’re obsessed with the updated French look. Although a classic French would look fantastic on toes as well, we love adding a pop of colour. Our favourite nail look to rock this summer has been the updated French look on both our hands and toes. We love using different complimenting colours on each to make our hands and toes match!





3: Mismatched nails


Mismatched black, pink and white nail art on different toesThis trend is more unconventional, but there is lots of room to play with this trend which is one of the reasons why we love it. This look is perfect for you indecisive girls. The key to making this look consistent is to choose three to four colours to stick with. Once you have your colours chosen, feel free to apply them to whatever toes you please. The photo to the right uses a four colour design, and the design is applied randomly to the toes, with one of the design colours being used on the other toes. You can alter this look by simply choosing a few colours and creating a multi-coloured look like the one shown in our previous blog



If you’re looking to replicate one of these looks or achieve any other pedicure look, head to out nail page to book with one of Primped's professional nail technicians. They are all certified, company-vetted, and mobile, meaning they travel to you! Enjoy a relaxing pedicure at home with Primped and avoid the hassle of going to a salon, including to remember to pack an extra pair of flip flops.


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