We’re heading into week seven of quarantine and by now, anyone with highlighted or coloured hair will have started to experience hair growth leading to roots. For some, this may be easy to manage as it looks relatively natural, but for others, it can be noticeable to the point where even showing face on a Zoom call or at the grocery store provides some unease.  While our best tip is to embrace things as they are and rock your roots during this time, we understand wanting some control over their visibility, so we’ve put together three options for hiding your roots from least permanent to most.  All products linked in images below.


#1: use hair accessories or change up your part

The easiest, least permanent way to hide your roots is to use a hair accessory and a headband definitely does the best job.  While your roots will still show, the headband can be used to cover the line of growth – the line that separates your natural colour from your unnatural colour – which is usually the biggest eyesore for most people. Admittedly, this trick works best for those who have highlighted their hair blond and have a relatively light natural colour.  Another easy trick suggested by some artists is to part your hair in a different direction, as this creates volume that can mask roots.



#2: try a dry shampoo or a shadow palette


If you haven’t noticed, your hair typically looks darker as it becomes greasier, so masking the grease with dry shampoo can help hide your roots.  Be sure to opt for a dry shampoo that is specifically designed for your hair colour, as a light dry shampoo won’t work well for dark hair and vice versa.  One hair care range that has a good option for both light and dark hair is VERB, available online through Sephora.


A related but more dedicated product to masking roots is a pressed powder palette.  The most popular we’ve found is Color Wow’s Root Coverup, available on Amazon.  It looks exactly like an eyeshadow however the formulation and brush are specifically intended for hair.  The product is a bit of a splurge though, so make sure you’re open to using it beyond quarantine prior to purchasing.  A cheaper option is John Frida’s Root Blur, however, the product is tough to track down in Canada and temporarily unavailable on Amazon.



#3: opt for a root touch-up spray


If you’re looking for something a little more permanent, we’d suggest a root touch-up spray and the best, most affordable option we’ve found on the market is L’Oreal’s Magic Root Cover-Up.  This product is a lightweight spray (think spray paint for your hair) that comes in eight different shades for blonde, brown, red, and black shades.  While the product is supposed to last until your next shampoo, we have found it can last longer depending on what kind of shampoo you use.  The product is super affordable and available on Amazon, at Walmart and other select grocery retailers.



                       Dolce Velvet Headband in colour camel    Verb Dry Shampoo for Dark hair colours      Colour WOW Root Cover up in colour medium brown        L'Oreal Paris Root Cover Up Temporary Grey Concealer Spray in blonde



There you have it! Three options for hiding your roots until you can get back to your hairstylist.  You may be wondering why we don’t have box dye/DIY highlights as an option above.  The reason is that we truly believe highlighting and colouring your hair should be left to a professional! If you feel compelled, however, to venture into the world of at-home colouring or highlighting, we highly suggest speaking to your hairstylist first to understand what to purchase and how to apply it.


Cover photo by Christian Wood Hair.

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