3 nail art designs you can totally do yourself

3 nail art designs you can totally do yourself

Disclaimer: Doing a manicure yourself, especially one with nail art, is never going to look as good as getting it done by a professional – that’s why they’re called professionals! However, given the current circumstances, attempting a DIY nail art look at home as a little pick-me-up can’t hurt and using a simple enough design can actually work out quite well with some direction!


In this blog, we’ve pulled three nail art looks as inspiration from one of our favourite beauty accounts, Byrdie, and given you all the necessary steps to attempt the look at home. The steps below assume that you’ve already prepped your nails by filing, buffing, cleaning, and gently removing excess cuticle.  As an aside, we highly recommend using coconut oil and an orange stick for cuticle care over cuticle clippers – it’s just safer for a non-professional!


Negative space manicure with bright pink nail polish, coloured french tip manicure in red and multi coloured nails in blue



look #1: basic negative space


Negative space manicures have been around for a while and are definitely here to stay with the minimalism movement.  This look is one of the simplest looks you can attempt yourself with tools you already have at home.  It’s also a great option because you can play around with the lines by changing the direction of the tape to create more than one look.  For example, our personal preference is to have the negative space at the cuticle and polish at the tip of the nail because this look will grow out for many weeks looking as good as it did on day one.


What you need: Base coat, colour polish, top coat and scotch tape.


What to do: Apply a layer of base coat and allow it to thoroughly dry.  Don’t jump the gun here! If you don’t allow your base coat to completely dry, you’ll have issues when you remove the scotch tape.  Next, position your scotch tape to protect the part of your nail that you don’t want polish on.  For example, to directly copy the inspiration photo for this look, you’d apply scotch tape to the tip of your nail about a quarter of the way up from your cuticle.  Apply as many coats of your colour polish as you prefer and allow the polish to thoroughly dry.  Then gently remove the scotch tape and apply your top coat!



look #2: French-ish tips


French is back in, but not in the boring all-nude shades of the early 2000’s.  There are so many cool looks online that involve some sort of play on French tips and our favourite is one that involves colour.  The look pictured here is once again a negative space look, but you could easily apply a nude colour as a base for more coverage.  We also love how they switched up the pinky nail by applying a full coat of colour.  There really is no limit to the creativity you can bring to this look!


What you need: Base coat, nude polish (if using), colour polish, top coat, and binder repairers.  Yes, those things you used to use in grade school to fix rips in your binder paper.


What to do: Apply a layer of base coat and allow it to thoroughly dry.  If you’re opting to use a nude polish, you can apply it on top of the base coat before it thoroughly dries but you’ll need to wait until the nude polish thoroughly dries before moving onto the next step.  Take a binder repairer and align the top of it to the position you want to create the French tip at on your nail.  Then, using your colour polish, paint the tip of your nail beyond the top of the binder repairer.  Allow the colour polish to completely dry, then remove the binder repairer and apply a layer of top coat.



look #3: multicoloured nails


If the above sounds impossible to you or you don’t have the supplies, you can still create a funky, on-trend look at home by selecting several different coloured polishes and opting for the multicoloured nail look! The specific look pictured here is monochromatic, using several shades of blue, but you can use every colour under the rainbow if you want.  Again, get as creative as you want to get with this look!


What you need: Base coat, up to 10 colours of regular polish (we recommend five colours that play off of each other), and a top coat.


What to do: Apply a layer of base coat to each nail, then apply a different polish colour to each one (or to a couple of nails if you’re not using 10 colours).  Finish with your top coat.



There you have it! Three nail art looks you can create at home to hold you over until you’re able to see a professional again (which we hope is very soon).

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