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We try to fit it all in. Rushing to appointments in the evenings or on weekends to get that long overdue wax, manicure or blow-out. Sound familiar? Like most busy women, we found keeping up with our routine beauty needs and self-care disruptive to our packed professional and personal schedules. Working on Bay Street we often found the process of planning, booking, and even physically getting to our appointments difficult or impossible, and from this struggle, Primped was born.

Primped is an online booking technology that combines the availability of multiple freelance beauty pros who will bring their services to you, meaning you can book appointments on-the-fly at the last minute and enjoy the convenience of at-home service. At Primped, we firmly believe that women who wish to keep up with their routine beauty needs should not have to do so at the expense of another task or commitment. Our mission is simple, help women #haveitall.

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